Support Pony Artists – 50 Premium DA Memberships

by ~Salkridgh

Alfa995 is starting a donation pool on DA in support of Pony Artists.  I’m on DA all the time but the “point” system does confuse me a bit, but I’m sure others who are deviants will know what they are (I’ll be researching into them later).  You can find the full journal from Alfa995 here, but I’ve also clipped out some details.

The donation pool will run from now to 12/25/12 (so after doomsday next year) and you can contribute as many points as you want.  Alfa will be giving away 50 three month premium memberships.  The goal is 31,800 points, however Alfa will personally contribute with 636 points, so the true goal is 31,164.

Starting on the 25th of December, 2012, Alfa will begin giving away the memberships.  The memberships are being given away to the artists, as premium membership unlocks a slew of features that help artists display their work.

Those who donate will have their name added to a monthly journal entry, and of course the thanks of the artists it helps out.

Again, here’s the journal entry so you can read the full details.

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