Derpy and Lil' Sparky by *Equestria-Prevails

We’re currently going to take a quick survey here on DHN. Very easy.

If you had a chance to ask a Voice Actor, Animator or basically anyone from Studio B a question about the show, or their career, what would you ask.

Leave your question in the comments.

Inb4 whose your favorite pony….

PS: If you haven’t figured it out, you don’t have to put a name with the comment section. Leaving it blank will post you as anonymous.

  • Anonymous

    “why did Rob Renzetti leave the show”

  • Anonymous

    Who is your favorite pony?

  • DJ Majaro

    (Directed towards any Animators at Studio B)
    As someone in high school looking at a career in animation, what advice and/or warnings can you give about the industry and the road to it?

  • Seanroja

    Since this is a Derpy Hooves web…

    “Who was the person than suggested than Derpy Hooves ended up the way we all saw it in The Last Roundup?”

  • From what should have been a forgettable, twenty-two minute commercial, you’ve created a SPECTACULAR and funny show. Thank you for making me laugh every week.

    Are you planning to let the characters — particularly the Cutie Mark Crusaders — grow and change over seasons?

  • Anonymous

    who is your least favorite pony? o.o

  • Anonymous

    Chimicherry or Cherrychanga?

  • Anonymous

    Is there any chance we’re gonna see any humans on the show?

    • Jordan

      At the anonymous who asked about humans, they’ve already stated that they have no plans to ever show humans in the show.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve loved the family development we have received for the CMC in Season 2. Any chance we’ll see some for Scootaloo?

  • Anonymous

    What happened last summer with the writers and Studio B ?

  • Anonymous

    How does it feel to be a big celebrity now that the show is huge?

  • SurfPenguin

    What’s your next project, and why should we be excited about it?

  • Anonymous

    Might there be any sea-ponies, or maybe even catrina in upcoming episodes? =3

  • 21-shootingstar -☆-

    What was your first thought after you realize that you were going to work for my little pony?