by *HappyCrumble
First off I would just like to point out that this post, has nothing to do with PonyArchive, since that is the drama for the evening.  We were talking about other community issues with take downs, namely youtubes, and namely that tonight Alex S’ official youtube was taken down by trolls, and it was mainly 95% original content (I’d assume there was pony footage there, but a company usually doesn’t take things that far, unless its whole episodes).
As many have pointed out, the Youtube DMCA takedowns are pretty much a common thing now a days, I think I said it last week, even official gaming sites with official youtube channels have had their own material DMCA’d from youtube.  Episodes are one thing, original content that people have poured their time into is another.
Basic concept is a site dedicated to pony videos for those who have large libraries on youtube.  Original content only, and membership wouldn’t be open to the public namely because, video sites are bandwidth hogs. The system we are looking at has your basic sharing features (embedding / linking), commentary section and such.
Spazz wanted me to post something to the general public, basically a yes or no survey (via comments) on if you think such a service would benefit the community.  And that’s it.
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  • Anonymous

    it's unanimous, do it

  • Anonymous

    It still saddens me how his account was taken down.

  • Anonymous

    As a sort of just in case thing? Sure, sounds good to me.

  • ZorkFox

    I say, "Go for it."

  • Oceanity

    A YouTube for Ponies?

    I think that'd be great.

  • Anonymous

    Point? Even if you ignore Hasbro C&D they always can appeal to the provider, even if it is in another country and those guys usually sane in such questions.

  • plaster

    If I am correct, this would be for creators like Alex s and pretty much everyone who shares their music through youtube to counter the takedowns on their end. I don't think it would end well for spazz if he hosted the episodes

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like an excellent idea, if you can muster the bandwidth somehow.

  • 8ftmetalhead

    You could have a directory of unlisted youtube links that are on a site accessible by registered members.

  • 2007excalibur2007

    So basically… PonyTube? :D

    Heck yes!

  • Sleepingcobrox

    So long as the episodes are not there and instead redirect users to Youtube, then I'm in favor of it

  • Gray Archon

    yeah, it sounds like a decent idea

  • pyritie

    why not just use vimeo?

  • plaster

    We want an option that removes the ability to take down videos at all by 3rd parties. Read: trolls and fake copyright claims. If we can take that away completely and hold the fort on our own it will be a lot less headaches for all of us in the long run. Unfortunately we probably will have to keep some guidelines so we don't get sued. So that's why it would be used for remixes and stuff under fair use.

  • mattyhex

    You'd probably need some form of reporting system, but as long as everyone who joins understands that it's not for hosting the actual episodes, then you should be fine.

    Basically, yes, do it.

  • Anonymous

    Of course it would be a benefit to be able to back up our original content.

    Episodes… No obviously, but PMVs and original Music like super ponybeat or Archie V for instance, that would be fine.

    The hard part it the bandwidth :P not sure how you'll pull it off but if it's possible i'd support it

  • Anonymous

    Would Gmod videos count? :V

  • iisaw

    Very much yes.

  • InfinityDash

    Yes, definitely. The near-daily youtube takedowns are getting ridiculous.

  • Claire Anne Carr

    Sure!, it's an awesome idea :)

  • Nouthriss

    That would be dream-like. A firm yes, with best hopes.

  • XyroTR1

    I considered doing this exact thing to use for the episodes. I was unfortunately turned off by the recurring cost due to the extreme bandwidth needed (see $1500-3000/mo). I would love for it to become a reality, though!