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Hey guys! Sweet Apple Con Staff here!

Unfortunately, we come here today with a heavy heart. As some of you may know, running a con isn’t cheap. When it comes to: booking guests, looking at the venue, making room block reservations, and so much more, things can get a little dicey with pockets. This is something many first cons deal with, and we’re not different from the rest.

This is why we’re going to be completely upfront with you and honest right now – we need a little bit extra money. Now, keep in mind we’re not going to let this con die. It will happen, one way or the other, at one location or another, but at the end of the day we want to keep another Las Pegasus from happening.

The reason that we are doing this is so we do not have to look for another hotel venue this close to the time of the convention. Not only would it be hectic to us, but you all would have to cancel your hotel rooms, and book new ones.

What do we need?

Right now we are looking to raise $21,000 dollars by June 12th.Or an extra [sic] It’s a hefty amount, but I know if we all pitch a little, we can do this.

How did this happen?

Now, when you first book a convention, you set aside space for the rooms to be booked. If the rooms are not booked before the convention starts, the convention has to pay for it. Unfortunately for us, we were unable to meet the number of rooms required of us. We are unable to force attendees into booking rooms no matter how often we push the hotel or link to it in our posts. “Well, what about ticket sales?” While they are doing well, they are still slower than we would like to see.

Again, rest assured. This convention is happening. Additionally, any guests we have invited (Voice actors, musicians, community guests, etc) and promised compensation to will be paid no matter what, even if we move locations. We will NOT leave people’s hard work and travel empty-handed

So, what can you do to help?

The first thing to remember is the importance of pre-registering your badge as well as booking your hotel room. If you have been holding off on those things, now is the time to do them. Keep in mind that the hotel does not put a hold on your card. In the event of a personal emergency where you would need to cancel, you can do so without worrying about a cancellation fee as long as it is TWENTY-FOUR HOURS before the day of booking (so by the 10th to be safe). You can register your room here:

It is worth noting that in our original contract, we were responsible for 80% of the room block. As of June 7th, In order to meet that, we would need 51 people to book rooms Thursday through Monday (Check in Thursday, Check out Monday). It is possible that getting these rooms filled would negate the $21,000 altogether, so don’t forget to reserve your room!

[Author’s Note:  I asked SAAC for clarification, and the $21,000 is only for the unaccounted rooms.]

Additionally, we are opening up our paypal ( for your donations. When we break the $21,000, the rest will be donated to one of the many brony charity groups.

So what’s in it for you?

Aside from the satisfying feeling of knowing you helped fellow bronies, anyone who has booked rooms for at least two nights will receive a limited edition autographed poster of our community guests of honor. This includes guests such as Odyssey (Eurobeat Pony), dB Pony, FiMFlamFilosophy (Rainbow Dash Presents Crew), Paleo (Brony Breakdown), Corey Williams (Vinyl Scratch Tapes), Brony Breakdown, and many more! (Please note that in order to receive your poster, you must print out your hotel reservation and have it with you upon picking up your badge).

In Conclusion…

As we are Sweet Apple Acres Con, we decided to give you the truth and be 100 percent honest with you. Because what would this fandom be if we were dishonest? The amount of stress among the staff right now is immense. Please spread this to everyone you know, and remember that every cent helps.

We appreciate your time, patience, and dedication to our convention.

Thank you.

Miguel Ortiz
SAAC Secretary|
  • David

    Don’t want to BECOME another Las Pegasus Unicon?! It sounds like it already IS another Las Pegasus Unicon! Asking for donations from non-attendees for a mismanaged convention once was unfortunate, yet forgivable; doing it to a community twice in one year is just tacky.

  • Well this is what happens when one television show suddenly has 35+ conventions happening mostly in the United States. Its over saturation, all these guys aim to put on this giant show like Bronycon and Everfree Northwest did last year, but it just ain’t going to happen.

  • This is Steady Heart from Sweet Apple Acres,

    DerpySquad your right about the over saturation of the market, but we did not aim nearly as high Bronycon or Everfree. We did sign our contract over a year ago, when there many less pony cons.
    David, the huge difference is that we are being upfront about what is happening as well as our money issue is just with the hotel. There is no threat to the guests being paid or uncompensated.

    ~Steady Heart
    Head of monetary Affairs
    Sweet Apple Acres Con

    • Boardgamebrony

      Steady Heart, my name is Boardgamebrony, and I’ve been staff at conventions like Brony Fan Fair and Brony-Fest, both in Texas. I read through your predicament. I don’t know how I could personally help you with the $21,000 needed for your room block, since I’m pretty much stuck in my own money-based living situation at the moment.

      I wanted to point out a few things:
      (1) Who have you told this to? Does Equestria Daily know? How they offered to post the news up on their site? You would have a lot more people as options to help you there (if they post in time) BUT you would also deal with more criticism too. So, barring that option, let’s move to point number two…

      (2)Can you possibly re-negotiate with the hotel for some new deal concerning that remaining room block? And for this I recommend someone from your group who has the BEST POSSIBLE experience in dealing with hotels. You wanna be sure you have someone from your group talk to them who knows how to get you the best deal and not sign any contracts that will put you into more debt. Check amongst your contacts and their contacts’ contacts. See if you can buy yourself some extra time to give yourself some breathing room to work around with.

      (2b)On the unfortunate event that you have to choose another hotel, are there any quick options you could choose?

      The next few suggestions are based on stuff at the con and are meant to help you deal with any other expenses which may try to blindside you at the last moment. They’ll only help with the $21,000 if you get an extension on the time frame you originally provided.

      (3)I wouldn’t want to see you have to book any other hotel. Since you are one month away from the con, it could be a serious detriment to your attendance. Barring some miracle (which COULD happen, but let’s hope for the best and prepare for the worst), you’ll need to find some way around that $21,000 debt. Think about what you have set up for the con already. Yes, it is awesome that you have ways to pay all the guests, and that’s great. With that alone, you are already have something off your back. But are there any other things you are planning that can be cut to be more economical or moved around so that you’re not spending money on something that’s unnecessary? Maybe you’re renting some DJ equipment and you could use something smaller. Or maybe you’re planning to cater for staff when it would probably be better if they bought their own food? Perhaps you have not printed out certain advertisements and graphics to be placed around the con that you really don’t need? I know con programs, as cool as they are, aren’t often necessary (unless you’ve already printed them. In which case, you can still use those, but I’m trying to think of some stuff here to cut back on)

      (4)At the con you really really REALLY need to push for things like pre-registration for next year (if you’re already planning this again, that is. Make sure you’re ready for a re-commitment before you do this) so you can cover some of the costs of this year. And to inspire people to do that, you need an awesome con. You’ve got the talent hidden amongst all of you. You’ll have to pull from your personal reserves as much as possible. Every one of you that is willing to host/co-host/create a panel or event should do it to show you have what it takes. Sing-A-Long, How-to-make-something, How to voice act, Cosplay contest, improv show, whatever it takes!

      And you can pool your personal resources to hold a silent auction of items and see how much you can make from that. These are all small things that can chip away at that iceberg-sized amount of money you need, but it’s all based on stuff AT the con and I know you need some stuff NOW. I’m telling all this other stuff to prepare you for any money issues you may run into at the con as it happens.

      Steady Heart, I would like to say you have a very appropriate pony name for some of the tough stuff you’re dealing with. Don’t give up. The important breakthroughs in these situations happen because staff and volunteers pull through together and work together every step of the way. You can do this.

      • Hi Boardgamebrony!

        We sent this to EQD as well as our Michelle Creber release but they never posted either. We’re asking people that if they want to help us, email them and let them know to put up this release!

        –Annie Erskine
        –Lead Designer of SAAC

      • Hey boardgamebrony,

        First off thank you for all the kind words of advice. to quickly answer as many questions as I can let me just jump into it.
        1. as many people and sites as we can, and as Annie said we have in fact told EQD but they have not posted it. We have no idea why.
        2. unfortunately that is the renegotiated price. We signed the contract over a year ago when there were only a few pony conventions and all of our numbers looked and sounded more than reasonable relative to the amount of interest we found in the surrounding communities, but it appears as though the appearance of of many other cons and our reluctance to rush and promise a lot of big VA talent (that part many of us still hold was a wise move after several other cons suffering problems due to overbooking guests) that our numbers just did not reach what they were projected to and the amount we owe them is (as was agreed) a reflection of the unbooked rooms.
        3. We would hate to have to chance this late in the game as well, and only plan to do it as a last resort. That said we hope to balance the inconvenience by trying for some cheaper hotels to try and get better rates for our attendees. We have currently suspended all spending until we figure out how this is going to turn out, we have not signed any agreements or paid for audio equipment, programs, or any catering (for the VIP dinner and VA green room) and will not resume so until we can judge the proper amount to spend based on the size of the venue we will actually be in.
        4. That’s actually a pretty good Idea I don’t think we had discussed, Thanks. I know the Conhead really wants to go again next year using everything we learned in the past year to make everything faster/smoother/prettier than we have had to do it but it will likely be his decision in the end. I do personally hope to run a panel or two myself, i have run panels at many conventions and love doing it. I’m just waiting to see what other people sign up to do so I can chose something fun to do!
        Thank you for the vote of confidence, at a time where the fandom’s confidence in us is wavering it is a very welcome sight to see someone start with ideas and hope instead of pessimism.
        Thank you as well for the compliment on my name, I chose it as a goal to live up to :) However, while this is rough on all of us the one who really needs your well wishes the most is Conhead Foochy Hooves, being his baby and the one risking by far the most in this endeavor it is hitting him the hardest, but we all appreciate the fans like you who are offering support however they can be it financial support, advice, or even just kind words. Actually especially kind words.

        ~Steady Heart

  • Anonymous

    21 grand in two days? Jesus, good luck. You’ll need it.
    If I was in charge, I’d cancel the whole thing if it ever got that out of hand anywhere near that deadline.

  • I have to agree that this is sounding like another LPU.

    On one hand, I want to present this news; on the other hand Cantercast also gives opinions and while I want to do everything I can to help, this feels like it has the makings of an LPU.

    • Hi Cantercast!

      Like Steady Heart pointed out before, there are some huge differences between us and LPU. We contacted the agents of our big guests as well as personally contacted all of our community guests before-hand letting them know that this was going on. 100% of them, including the agents of the VAs, were very sympathetic and applauded how we are handling this with class. We are not going under like LPU did. We are not screwing anyone over in terms of payment or anything either. LPU staff literally abandoned ship–I was there and because of our Vice President’s involvement in helping to fix LPU along with EFN and others, I witnessed a lot of how things went down. Please trust us in knowing that it is different. The worst case scenario here is that we would be moving to a different location which, this late in the game, just sucks, but would still allow us to put this con on :)

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