by Blackjack

Yeah feel free to call me a slow poke, its namely I had been waiting for the actual TV Guides to come out with the episode synopsis, but since these have been 100% spot on, time to play catchup for those who may have missed the info.  So here’s what to expect from Episode 7 thru 10.

We’ll also be starting up our episode reviews again, obviously starting with today’s episode.  Either myself or Eclipse Cadenza (one of our reporters) will also be playing catch up with Season 2, as we got kind of lazy with the reviews after ep2.

S2E07 – May The Best Pet Win
Synopsis: Rainbow Dash hosts a flying race to see who will be her pet.
Air Date: 11/19/2011 @ 10am EST

S2E08 – The Mysterious Mare Do Well
Synopsis: There is a new hero in Ponyville who is masked and stealing RD’s Thunder.
Air Date: 11/26/2011 @ 10am EST

S2E09 – Sweet & Elite
Synopsis: Rarity much choose between her friends and important social connections in Canterlot.
Air Date: 12/03/2011 @ 10am EST

S2E10 – Secret of my Excess
Synopsis: Spike gets greedy on his birthday and has a huge growth spurt that could decimate Ponyville.
Air Date: 12/10/2011 @ 10am EST

^^ Anyone else thinking with E10 that maybe dragons get all huge when they become greedy?  Think about the previous two dragons we’ve seen so far.
  • Anonymous

    If dragons -do- get big when they get greedy… would a non-greedy Spike stay itty-bitty forever? :/ Or would he grow up (but more slowly) eventually?