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Potential McDonald’s Line, Trixie and Twilight hit Hot Topic


This is a first finding McDonald’s toys on Taobao in the realm of G4. Vinyl Scratch has a molded main and a rooted tail made out of cheap hair with colors that don’t really match her mane, so it definitely fits what we’ve seen before.


2011 and 2012 had McDonald’s toys, while 2013 only had them at Burger Kings overseas. It’s very possible that they’ll make toys again for 2014, as MLP is still a very popular show and it’ll get kids asking parents to go to store. Not to mention all the adult collectors who’ll just buy the toys out-right and probably buy some burgers and shakes, too.

[Source: EqD]

2 (1)Hot Topic is now selling the next batch of Funko vinyl figures. This time it’s alicorn Twilight and Trixie, complete with hat and cape. Like before, there’s a 1 in 24 chance that the one you get will be the sparkly, translucent variant.

[Source: EqD]




Chapter Book Release: Rainbow Dash and the Daring Do Double Dare

The latest release in the MLP Chapter Book series by G. M. Berrow, Rainbow Dash and the Daring Do Double Dare, came out today.  If you want the paper back version, you can find it on Amazon here; it’s also available on Google Play (Preview here).

The rest of the series:

Rarity and the Curious Case of Charity

Twilight Sparkle and the Crystal Heart Spell

Applejack and the Honest-to-Goodness Switcheroo

Pinkie Pie and the Rockin’ Ponypalooza Party!

The Fluttershy entry in the series has yet to be announced.

New Shout Factory DVD on Amazon: A Dash of Awesome

An Amazon listing for a Shout! Factory DVD, A Dash of Awesome recently showed up.  No word on what episodes are going to be in it, but judging from the title, it’s likely to be a collection of Rainbow Dash-focused episodes.  It’s currently about $10 for preorder, and will release on March 25th.

Update 2013-12-05 18:40Z: As Equestria Daily reports, Shout Factory has published a description of the DVD. This description neither belies nor corroborates Equestria Daily’s assertion that the DVD will contain an upcoming episode with the title “Rainbow Falls.” The title, however, is accurate. Below this rather generic description from Shout Factory.

Since arriving in Ponyville, Twilight has learned Princess Celestia’s most valuable lesson — the meaning of true friendship. But with every new adventure comes a new lesson and if anyone is up for more learning, it’s the studious Twilight Sparkle! Join Twilight and her best friends for five wild adventures through Equestria that are bound to further demonstrate what every pony already knows—that friendship is magic!

This episode may be related to a background image that we reported on in early November as well as the book Welcome to Rainbow Falls that we mentioned in the same post.

While we’re on the topic of pegasi, Ed Valentine is the author of “Flight to the Finish.” Follow away!

Rarity and Applejack Keychains Finally Hit Market


A long, long time ago, when G4 first started, Hasbro showed off some “crystal” keychains of Pinkie, Rainbow, Rarity and Applejack at the NYC Toy Fair. RD and PP had a very limited release in stores, with AJ and Rarity never making it to stores.

Now all four keychains are available as part of the Rainbow Power selection of toys. They’re found on shelves in places like Toys R Us, with the older ones for sale at resell stores like 5 Below.


Thanks to Adventures in Ponyville for sending this in.

North American MLP CCG Premiere Events

Enterplay recently detailed a number of premiere events for the MLP Collectible Card Game, all happening on December 7th or 8th.  All but one of them have a $20 entry fee (the exception being $25 in Toronto), and are set to be at the following locations:

Dallas (Venue Pending)

Your entry fee gets you a starter deck, 2 booster packs, a special foil card, a limited edition swag bag, and the chance to win more prizes and goodies from Enterplay!

For those unable to make it to the premiere events, the street date for the CCG is December 13th.

[Update] It seems there are more cities that Enterplay is looking to hold events in:

Please check back as venues confirm their time and details, we are aiming for 16 cities throughout North America, and major metropolitan areas like NY, LA and Boston are all on the list! More to come!


Mimobot Black Friday Sale – Derpy Drive


Our friends over at Mimobot asked us to let you guys know there is currently a Black Friday sale going on over at their site. One item specifically is currently discounted, the fan favorite Derpy Mimobot. The flash drives come in 8gb, 32gb (usb 3.0) and 64gb drives, ranging from $24.95 to $69.95. Until midnight tonight you can snag the drive for $19.96 to $55.96 depending on drive size.

Also on sale:

WeLoveFine Holiday Sales Bulletin

Tis the season, for things. Our friends over at We Love Fine have sent word of several sales that will be taking place this coming holiday week.


11/27 – My Little Pony Sale

Start at Midnight (Pacific Time) on Wednesday, November 27th, many of our popular featured MLP products (including work shirts, polos, kids, leggings & more) will be available for up to 20% off. Plus we have a selection of clearance MLP products available for deep discounts and great deals.

  • For the 24 hours, fans can also use the following codes:
  • LUNABYLUNA: Additional 10% off MLP shirts, hoodies, art prints and bags
  • SHY: Additional 10% off MLP shirts, hoodies, art prints and bags

Beginning on 11/27, we will also have our My Little Pony scent GWP items created by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab available in WeLoveFine’s Achievements; customers can add them to their cart as a free gift with orders of $100 or more.

11/29 – Black Friday

Meanwhile on Black Friday (November 29th) we will have site-wide sales that also include MLP items!! Folks can use these codes then:

  • Black Friday (November 29th) (enter on checkout)
  • BLACKFRIDAYTSHIRTS15: 15% on all regular price t-shirts on all orders (excludes LEDs)
  • BLACKFRIDAYTSHIRTS25: 25% on all regular price t-shirts on all orders over $100 (excludes LEDs)
12/02 – Cyber Monday
  • Cyber Monday: (December 2nd) (enter on checkout)
  • CYBERTSHIRTS15: 15% on all regular price t-shirts on all orders (excludes LEDs)
  • CYBERTSHIRTS25: 25% on all regular price t-shirts on all orders over $100 (excludes LEDs)