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Rarity and Applejack Keychains Finally Hit Market


A long, long time ago, when G4 first started, Hasbro showed off some “crystal” keychains of Pinkie, Rainbow, Rarity and Applejack at the NYC Toy Fair. RD and PP had a very limited release in stores, with AJ and Rarity never making it to stores.

Now all four keychains are available as part of the Rainbow Power selection of toys. They’re found on shelves in places like Toys R Us, with the older ones for sale at resell stores like 5 Below.


Thanks to Adventures in Ponyville for sending this in.

North American MLP CCG Premiere Events

Enterplay recently detailed a number of premiere events for the MLP Collectible Card Game, all happening on December 7th or 8th.  All but one of them have a $20 entry fee (the exception being $25 in Toronto), and are set to be at the following locations:

Dallas (Venue Pending)

Your entry fee gets you a starter deck, 2 booster packs, a special foil card, a limited edition swag bag, and the chance to win more prizes and goodies from Enterplay!

For those unable to make it to the premiere events, the street date for the CCG is December 13th.

[Update] It seems there are more cities that Enterplay is looking to hold events in:

Please check back as venues confirm their time and details, we are aiming for 16 cities throughout North America, and major metropolitan areas like NY, LA and Boston are all on the list! More to come!


Mimobot Black Friday Sale – Derpy Drive


Our friends over at Mimobot asked us to let you guys know there is currently a Black Friday sale going on over at their site. One item specifically is currently discounted, the fan favorite Derpy Mimobot. The flash drives come in 8gb, 32gb (usb 3.0) and 64gb drives, ranging from $24.95 to $69.95. Until midnight tonight you can snag the drive for $19.96 to $55.96 depending on drive size.

Also on sale:

WeLoveFine Holiday Sales Bulletin

Tis the season, for things. Our friends over at We Love Fine have sent word of several sales that will be taking place this coming holiday week.


11/27 – My Little Pony Sale

Start at Midnight (Pacific Time) on Wednesday, November 27th, many of our popular featured MLP products (including work shirts, polos, kids, leggings & more) will be available for up to 20% off. Plus we have a selection of clearance MLP products available for deep discounts and great deals.

  • For the 24 hours, fans can also use the following codes:
  • LUNABYLUNA: Additional 10% off MLP shirts, hoodies, art prints and bags
  • SHY: Additional 10% off MLP shirts, hoodies, art prints and bags

Beginning on 11/27, we will also have our My Little Pony scent GWP items created by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab available in WeLoveFine’s Achievements; customers can add them to their cart as a free gift with orders of $100 or more.

11/29 – Black Friday

Meanwhile on Black Friday (November 29th) we will have site-wide sales that also include MLP items!! Folks can use these codes then:

  • Black Friday (November 29th) (enter on checkout)
  • BLACKFRIDAYTSHIRTS15: 15% on all regular price t-shirts on all orders (excludes LEDs)
  • BLACKFRIDAYTSHIRTS25: 25% on all regular price t-shirts on all orders over $100 (excludes LEDs)
12/02 – Cyber Monday
  • Cyber Monday: (December 2nd) (enter on checkout)
  • CYBERTSHIRTS15: 15% on all regular price t-shirts on all orders (excludes LEDs)
  • CYBERTSHIRTS25: 25% on all regular price t-shirts on all orders over $100 (excludes LEDs)

Aurora Plushies Review

All three Funrise plushies

All three Funrise plushies

Aurora had a line of plushies come out this summer, now they’re pretty common to find. Aurora sent us some samples to review and we were really pleased with them! Check out the image gallery at the end of this post.

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Enterplay’s MLP:CCG Official Release Date Announced

Official announcement from the fine folks over at Enterplay, the MLP:CCG will be officially released December 13th. Full details below.

MLP:CCG Street Date: December 13! 

My Little Pony Collectible Card Game now has an official street date of December 13. Theme Decks and Boosters will all launch on this date. 2-Player Starter Sets will be available shortly thereafter. There will be a limited number of Premiere events the weekend of December 7, as well as other launch events at retailers nationwide. More to come on this in the very near future.

Answers to some FAQs

Q: What do I need to play?
A: A Mane Character card (for example, your favorite pony from the Mane Six), a 45-card draw deck, a 10-card Problem deck, plus a handful of markers to use as action tokens.

Q: How do I get my Mane Character?
A: Four of the Mane Characters are included in Theme Decks: Rainbow Dash & Rarity in one, and Twilight Sparkle & Applejack in the other. Theme Decks are the most common entry point into the game and include a rulebook, punch-out action tokens, and 59 cards (10 Problem, 45 Draw Deck, 2 Reference Cards and 2 Mane Characters). The 2-Player Starter Set is another way to get started, featuring the Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy Mane Character cards.

Q: How many cards are in the first set?
A: There are over 250 cards in the first set. Around a dozen cards are exclusive to the deck products, including the six Mane Character cards. There are six types of cards in the game: Friends, Mane Characters, Events, Resources, Troublemakers, and Problems.

Q: How much will it cost?
A: Boosters: 12 cards, $3.49msrp. Theme Decks: 59 cards, $10.99msrp. 2-Player Starter Set: 116 cards, $18.99msrp

Q: Where can I buy it?
A: MLP:CCG will be broadly available at your favorite trading card and hobby stores as well as major retailers!

Q: Will there be Organized Play tournaments?
A: Yes! We are starting with a “learn to play” approach in December and then will launch tournaments some time in January.

First Japanese Dub DVD Episode Collection up for Pre-order

It appears we have our first DVD release for the Japanese MLP dub.  The disc comes with a mere two episodes, The Ticket Master and Bridle Gossip, but it does come with a mini towel, and the episodes should be uncut as opposed to the broadcast version.  The DVD will cost 1575JPY (to be fair, this is a steal compared to most native anime releases) and is set to release on Dec. 18th in Japan.  You can find the store link by clicking here or the link above, but I’m not sure if Shinseido ships internationally.

Incidentally, May the Best Pet Win aired in Japan yesterday, you can look at any of the previous Japony Monday articles to find it if you missed it.