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Enterplay’s MLP:CCG Official Release Date Announced

Official announcement from the fine folks over at Enterplay, the MLP:CCG will be officially released December 13th. Full details below.

MLP:CCG Street Date: December 13! 

My Little Pony Collectible Card Game now has an official street date of December 13. Theme Decks and Boosters will all launch on this date. 2-Player Starter Sets will be available shortly thereafter. There will be a limited number of Premiere events the weekend of December 7, as well as other launch events at retailers nationwide. More to come on this in the very near future.

Answers to some FAQs

Q: What do I need to play?
A: A Mane Character card (for example, your favorite pony from the Mane Six), a 45-card draw deck, a 10-card Problem deck, plus a handful of markers to use as action tokens.

Q: How do I get my Mane Character?
A: Four of the Mane Characters are included in Theme Decks: Rainbow Dash & Rarity in one, and Twilight Sparkle & Applejack in the other. Theme Decks are the most common entry point into the game and include a rulebook, punch-out action tokens, and 59 cards (10 Problem, 45 Draw Deck, 2 Reference Cards and 2 Mane Characters). The 2-Player Starter Set is another way to get started, featuring the Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy Mane Character cards.

Q: How many cards are in the first set?
A: There are over 250 cards in the first set. Around a dozen cards are exclusive to the deck products, including the six Mane Character cards. There are six types of cards in the game: Friends, Mane Characters, Events, Resources, Troublemakers, and Problems.

Q: How much will it cost?
A: Boosters: 12 cards, $3.49msrp. Theme Decks: 59 cards, $10.99msrp. 2-Player Starter Set: 116 cards, $18.99msrp

Q: Where can I buy it?
A: MLP:CCG will be broadly available at your favorite trading card and hobby stores as well as major retailers!

Q: Will there be Organized Play tournaments?
A: Yes! We are starting with a “learn to play” approach in December and then will launch tournaments some time in January.

First Japanese Dub DVD Episode Collection up for Pre-order

It appears we have our first DVD release for the Japanese MLP dub.  The disc comes with a mere two episodes, The Ticket Master and Bridle Gossip, but it does come with a mini towel, and the episodes should be uncut as opposed to the broadcast version.  The DVD will cost 1575JPY (to be fair, this is a steal compared to most native anime releases) and is set to release on Dec. 18th in Japan.  You can find the store link by clicking here or the link above, but I’m not sure if Shinseido ships internationally.

Incidentally, May the Best Pet Win aired in Japan yesterday, you can look at any of the previous Japony Monday articles to find it if you missed it.

Shout! Factory Season 3 DVD Set on Amazon

The Season 3 Region 1 DVD set looks to have shown up on Amazon.  As you might expect, the publisher is Shout! Factory, but the cost is a mere $15 at preorder.  Makes sense, considering the number of episodes in Season 3. Nothing much on the page right now though except the release date of February 4, 2014.

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Funrise Princess Plushies Spotted in Walmart

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Funrise now has large alicorn princess toys. They were spotted in Walmart in Delaware.

They have the same basic body and crowns and necklaces that are sewed on in only a few spots, so they might look a little floppy or out of place. Their mane and tails are made of printed fabric which is a nice touch.

Additional photos after the break.

[Source: EqD]

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Rainbow Power Zoom ‘n Go Ponies



Adventures in Ponyville sent these in, where they were posted on the MLP Arena. The Zoom ‘n Go toys found on Taobao have a pony with molded hair and moveable joints, an accessory and a little cart.



How exactly these work is unclear. They might be pull-back toys that have an internal gear that moves them forwards or they might only be push-along toys. They look to be about the same size as playful pony brushables.

They will most likely release at the same time as the rest of the Rainbow Power main line. Pictures of the Pinkie Pie toy under the page break.

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Rainbow Rocks Equestria Girls Dolls



The Rainbow Rocks brand now has something tied to it. Official images of a Rarity set has leaked online, along with the info that it will be sold for $19.99, though there are currently no listings for it.

3The set comes with a Rarity doll with ears and tail, a guitar, a “backstage pass” card, a new brush and a Rarity playful pony brushable. Both toys have rainbow colors in their hair along with their normal colors along with a KISS-style mark over an eye of her cutie mark.

It can be assumed that the rest of the mane 6 will get similar treatment with matching ponies. Whether or not they’ll have different instruments is to be seen; a G1 line featured only various guitars with ponies with 80’s patterns.

[Source: MLP News]

Edit: We got some more in. The mane 6 sans Fluttershy have popped up as promotional pictures without their packaging. All guitars besides Rarity’s look like they can open up (there’s a hinge on them), but what’s inside could be anyone’s guess. G1 had Rockin’ Beats ponies that each had a guitar that also served as a brush, so it’s possible that since Rarity’s guitar is different and is paired with a brush, all the other guitars are brushes.

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Year of the Horse TRU Exclusive Pinkie Pie

p17062692enh-z6To celebrate the upcoming Chinese year of the horse, Hasbro is releasing a special Chinese New Year Fashion Style Pinkie Pie only at Toys ‘R Us.


Pinkie comes with multiple shades of pink in her hair, a all-over printed “silk” outfit and glitter on her hooves. She comes with a hair brush, but is meant to be a collectible.

She’s $25 and limited to one per person. Pre-orders ship January 14.

[Source: EqD]