10 dollars cheaper and a lot less running around to find a complete set.

I feel cheated.

$46.99 in digitally transferred funds makes the entire box yours

(I realize just how far behind on Official Merchandise we are.)

  • FINALLY got my complete box today…so this takes a little of the thrill from the victory, but no worries! At least this means other folks won’t have to go on an epic quest to every Toys R Us and Walmart in the Tri State area just to get some pony toys!

  • This is now sold out. hehe The Bronies just showed their power of purchasing products.

  • Kajet

    Well dang… Sold out, I wonder how often they restock…

  • Hawaii Brony

    I think I remember reading about these on a toy review site awhile back. It said something about three “rare” variants of Pinkie, Dash, and Twi if I remember correctly. The same site also mentioned a lil hint and way to tell what’s in each pack before opening it too… Besides just feeling the figure shape (which I still do when buying other mini figure blind bags), but that’s not so helpful in this series since they only have afew styles. Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and the random pegasus ponies have the same feel but with diff paint jobs. (yes, sadly Fluttershy doesn’t get her own mold/sculpt) Oh, before I forget… was where I heard about it. ^_^