Tara Strong at The Calgary Expo (VA Panel)

TAG! PONIES IN WHITE COATS ARE IT! by *mickeymonster

Over this weekend was the Calgary Comic Expo with Tara Strong as one of the guests of honor. Earlier last night a con goer published two videos up on YouTube of Tara’s panel, which included fellow voice actress Monica Rial who you may know from Fullmetal Alchemist (Lyra/Danta) and other many various voicing roles.

I have not gone over the videos so I cannot say how much is pony related from Tara, I would imagine a fair chunk of it. If you’re not up to watching the videos (one is 27+ minutes), check back later and hopefully we’ll have some cliff notes for ya (after I have some coffee).

[Source: YouTube / Talim2004]

Update: Apparently John de Lancie appeared as a special guest at the Expo, betcha those thousand people who got turned away at the door are glad. Thanks to YouTube Puzzledmint for grabbing video of him, and the voice actor panel. Puzzledmint’s video is embedded after the page break.



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