Tara Strong: Charity eBay Auction & Upcoming Documentary

If you have not been following Tara Strong on Twitter, then you probably know nothing of Twilightlicious. Its been a thing going on for a good month now, ranging from random twitters to voice messages, and attempting to get #twilightlicious to trend on Twitter. A night or two ago she wanted to give away the shirt above, and had asked EqD for suggestions. In the end it was decided an eBay auction for charity would be the best route, and thus, you can now find the shirt here on eBay. Apparently there will be four more.

100% of the final sale price will go towards Children’s Hospital & Research Center Foundation.

Twilightlicious T-Shirt on eBay. At this time it has 19 bids @ $300 USD.

[Source: Twitter]

Unrelated to the shirts we also have an upcoming documentary about Voice Over artists that will feature Tara Strong entitled “I Know That Voice”. A four minute teaser trailer was released yesterday. The trailer can be found behind the page break.

[Source: My Little Pony News]

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