Twilight-Licious by PCRave24

Twilight-Licious by PCRave24

Trollcast, in their Media Trolls section, has interviewed Tara Strong.

Usually these sort of things happen when I’m at work. This time I’m on the train on my way to work, so again I haven’t had an opportunity to listen to the interview. For all I know Tara may be talking about NSFW-ish things the whole time, or they’ve actually interviewed Rina-chan, and we’ll never know. Be warned!

Our heroes (Meagan included) land an Interview with Tara Strong! Demented is a Wizard or somesuch and that’s how it came to pass! Let us not forget an important charity link! For a little girl who is all joyful and stuff! Click and donate if you can!

  • Cody

    It’s facehoof all around. So far from what I have listened to, you can hear the people interviewing her typing on their keyboard. Then rule 34/porn talk started. Then computer notifications went off. Then the girl interrupted Tara by talking about one of her friends having gay porn. I skimmed through it to hear the friends talking and playing music to each other dropping F-bombs and Tara just sitting there saying nothing. I then turned it off.

    I don’t mean to be so critical, but perhaps I’m protective over the VA’s :p

  • Amber

    The deep male voice was good and I’m pretty sure the computer notification was Tara she even said sorry about it. She is only in about half of it. she says goodnight and heads off to bed (I’m guessing it was recorded late or something.) Over all you can tell it was amateur but pretty good some more than others.

  • It starts real good, with the interviewers being thankful for having her, and then they jump into rule 34 right around minute 7. Not just about rule 34, but pony rule 34, including the Howard Stern incident. Tara did her best to defend us, but it’s a spiky issue, they insisted way too much in it, and she surely was feeling awkward by how she was “laughing” at the gay porn comments.

    Thankfully, they rail the interview back, and they move onto other of her roles. But the chat about pony was splattered with rule 34. Sooooo yeah, terrible.

  • ponytime

    Agreed with the others here. That was godawful.

    I felt so bad for Tara. I had to quit listening, because it was just horrible. This was one of the most ugly and disrespectful things ever, and my heart goes out to Tara finding herself in the middle of such abhorrent unprofessional idiots and tactless bullies.

  • dranna bella

    Tara Strong was being interviewed by freaks…