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Well I wasn’t sure what word to use, so I picked humanitarian. Everyone is familiar with Tara Strong, especially since she has taken up residence on Twitter and provided countless entertainment to the community with some light trolling and fun. But on the flip side she has shown herself to be a very caring person and most recently there has been a couple of stories involving her that I wanted to point out. Its good to see actual good things go on in this world, and people who take an extra moment to help someone else out, or make their day.

Tara Strong & Dragon

Last weekend Tara Strong had to cancel her appearance at the Knoxville Comic & Anime Show due to the weather that has been hauling flank all over the US. Obviously it disappointed many fans but Tara actually Twitter’d her address and told all fans that they could send her their swag and she’d sign in. In addition there was one young fan by the name of Dragon who is disabled and was very sad about not getting to meet the voice of so many cartoon characters, especially Twilight Sparkle. Tara found out and called up the kid and talked to him via Twilight’s voice.

The details of the conversation and a full story can be found over at EquestriaMLP-LiveJournal, found here.

KIKI’s Treatment

And then as recently as today Tara, knowing she has a small army of followers now has called for support to KiKi’s Treatment. KiKi is a 6 year old girl who was diagnosed with a mass in her brain back in January 2011. She went several rounds with chemo with no guarantee that it would cure her. If you’ve never been around someone who has done chemo, for a full grown adult its an ordeal as it basically zaps the life from you. For a small child its none the better. Six months after the chemo treatment unfortunately the mass returned. KiKi did not fair well with the first round of treatment, so the parents researched and discovered an experimental treatment that has had a good rate of success with this type of cancer.

Unfortunately the treatment is a slow process and the family (Wife, Husband, KiKi and her 9 year old sister) have lived out of a hotel in Sacramento for the past four months, and has taken the toll on the family budget. Even if you just have ten dollars, if ten people do that, its a hundred dollars. So far they have raised $16,140 with a goal of $50k.

Support Kiki’s Treatment Fund

Celestia Radio will be hosting a 60 Hour Live donation marathon starting this Friday @ 4pm EDT (and ending 4am Monday) for Kiki’s Fund.

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    According to the information on Kiki’s fund page, she never did receive chemo treatment. After surgery to remove some of the tumour she was OFFERED chemo but the parents declined and went with alternative medicine instead.