Lionsgate has released the first teaser trailer for the upcoming My Little Pony movie.

  • The animation style looks cool.

  • Holy crap, the animation is fluid.

  • Raffaele Lanza

    According to Rebecca Dart (the art director of the Movie)…. this teaser is a complete mess. I got the feeling by seeing it, because things in it are putted in a sooooooo random way that other than not telling anything about the story, it doesn’t give the right idea of how the animation works in the Movie. Seems like we are once again at the starting point. Seriously thought, many publishers should really revise their marketing departments, Lionsgate is not the only one who is this messy….

  • Warning: Rant incoming:
    So, I’m glad we finally got something somewhat resembling a trailer. But I really don’t think this is very good. I know it’s just a 30-second teaser, but this is going to the MLP’s first impression of thousands (millions?) of non-fans. And honestly in that regard I think it’s pretty bad. Not even counting the weird coloring and compositing issues confirmed by the art directory, as Raffaele mentioned below. I think this trailer will be a big turn off to almost anyone who sees it who is not already a fan. Or more accurately, I think people will either not care at all, or will be turned off by it.

    I don’t think there’s a single non-fan out there who will see this teaser and go, “Oh, that looks good, I want to see that!” since the trailer consists of:
    A) A voiceover by Cheesy “Family Movie” Voiceover Guy
    B) Random bits of dialog thrown in over some neon-colored ponies flying around the screen that says literally nothing about the movie, not a single hint at anything that might draw the attention of a non-fan, and
    C) Blinding pink and glitter effects all over the place (that, in my opinion, seem to undermine Hasbro’s recent attempts to slightly re-brand MLP as a more “family” property and less “little girls only” with their recent change of the logo color scheme from all pink to dark purple and blue, as well as the product packaging and font changes which are now “less girly” for lack of a better term… anyways that’s a whole other discussion)

    When a non-fan who’s not familiar with FiM sees this, at best they’ll say “Oh, it’s another cash-grab kids movie with some actors and a singer I know,” and at worst, well, just look at the majority of Youtube comments on the teaser for the worst types of reactions.

    Really the only type of non-fan who might respond positively to this teaser are parents of kids in the target demographic who will just see “My Little Pony: The Movie” and think, “Oh cool we can take little [Insert Little Kid’s Name Here] and her friends to go see that.”

    Ok… I realize I sound extremely pessimistic here. I don’t mean to be. I’m optimistic about this movie, but I just think that while this teaser maybe passable for fans who are willing for forgive its flaws, for non-fans the #1 Goal of this teaser should have been convincing non-fans that this movie is worth giving a shot, since MLP is already dismissed without given a second thought by so many. And, again in my opinion, this teaser fails to do that.

    Alllll that said, I AM really excited for the movie and I can’t wait to see some *actual* animation and actual scenes from the movie. I think no matter what, it will look great (I am a fan of the new art style, and the tiny bits of animation we see here such as Rainbow flapping and talking and Pinkie jumping look really fluid and just really good IMO). I want this movie to be great *and* do well in theaters, which is why I’m so opinionated about this first teaser. Hopefully the actual trailer will be better.

    • Raffaele Lanza

      EXACTLY. THIS IS WHAT I TRIED TO SAY SINCE THE TRAILER APPEARED BUT NOBODY LISTENED TO ME AND ACCUSED ME TO BE A MURRISSON-LIKE JERK….. Fanboys can be REALLY bad nowadays, they are not so better than the haters if you ask me, and this is something extended even to other communities (for instance: as a former Nintendo fan, I tried to explain what are the problems of Switch and why I’m not buying it, but Nintendo fanboys didn’t listen to me and accused me to be an Hater…. yeah…).

      In any case I’m excited for this Movie too but as I already explained in my mails and my open letter, being extremely epic or something never seen before is not what I want from this movie. All I really want from it, is showing the Mane 6 at their their best…… and you already know why I wish this so badly and what I will do afterward…. speaking of which, I gotta admit, the lack of effective footage let me down, as I really want to see that, I kind hoped to see something with them making me excited for it, not a randomly and badly done teaser like this.

      In any case buddy, I’m not gonna stay on Internet often for a while now. As I dropped gaming, I’m not into MLP as I used to be (Movie aside) and I’m watching all the other shows I’m following with more lightheartness after the mess I caused myself with that MLP and Nintendo stuff, this teaser was the only reason I’ve been here so axidually, now that I saw it (and pretty much let me down) I think I’m gonna stay away for a while (I’m gonna watch the new episodes for MLP and the other shows I’m following when they’ll appear online. I Already know the various dates so I don’t need anything else). Goodbye for now ID.