It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything from the team behind the Fiends from Dream Valley game (roughly November 2011 with Update #8), but it’s time for the team to step up and declare that they’re not dead. To refresh your memory, Fiends from Dream Valley is a 2D, side-scrolling platformer built in Flash that was established way back in January of 2011. Truthfully I think one of the first game concepts in the community. At that point, Team Leader Timesoda just had the dream of developing a flash game based on FiM that would be worthy of the show itself. It’s been a long road for Timesoda and the entire team that formed around the game. Over the course of more than a year of development the game went from that simple Flash game to something more complex, involving a storyline and the plans of releasing multiple chapters to a grand story. The fiends seen above are based on Generation 1 villains (obviously updated to the G4 world).

As of last night a demo was released. I am dubbing it a tech demo, as the story isn’t there and the first menu you’ll see is just a simple one. The tech demo lets you take the game out for a spin and explore a good deal of the interiors developed for Canterlot Castle. You can also run around a chunk of the Everfree Forest, and some other rooms such as the Physical Test area, and the Training Room.

Along with the release of the tech demo, also comes the release of the source files; something that has been said since the start of the game. The source files of course will allow others to assemble their own games (obviously you need some education in Flash and such).

Demo and source files are now available on the Dream Valley Game website.

Fiends from Dream Valley Demo

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      • I can host the files locally too if you want.

        • That’d be great. Just let me know the link via e-mail and I’ll put it on the site.

  • FINALLY! For months I have waited for this, and finally they have a demo! I must post this on EqG as quickly as possible! Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you (etc etc).

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    this is completely awesome.

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    hello i would like to know where to go to get this game is it a website or a game you have to bye

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