Test Your Might!

Take this speedtest, you get 10 minutes to answer some questions about the episodes and the characters. I got 48 out of 60. Not bad I guess, some of the ones I missed were kinda easy ones. My memory was never the greatest in the first place.

Let me know how you fared in the comments!
[Thanks to the Derpy Hooves Facebook Page for this]

  • crazyredemu

    I can't spell to save my life! Twilight's Owl was the worst!

  • frith

    I got 43/60! But this is the 4th time I've tried. The first go netted me a 22/60. I passed (barely) with a 33/60 on my second try. This time I got lucky with spelling the owl's name I remembered it starts 'owlowl', or at least that was what I was typing when the answer was accepted and completed. I got jammed typing out "Bird on the Hoof" when the acceptable answer was "Bird in the Hoof" so I resorted to cheating: 'episode #' and changing the number until you get the right answer does the trick. I did that as well for the two parter, episodes 1 & 2, since the other times I couldn't get the titles right. I totally bombed the joke names and the voice actor names, all I could remember was Flutterguy and Tara Strong. I wonder if the bonus answer, trombone, was worth any points.

  • derpymaths

    i got 38 first time around… it was a lot harder than i thought it would be. for some reason when put under pressure to remember things, thats when i completely draw a blank – whereas normally i could remember easy!

  • Rydel

    I got a 55. I couldn't remember 1 city (Cloudsdale, surprisingly), one of Pinkie's instruments (Harmonica), or any of the VAs except TAbitha St. Germain