Steampony 8-Derpy by ~BetweenFriends

There seems to be in certain circles of the community, controversy over Derpy’s first full scene on the show. Its of course ranged from total glee to complete and utter disgust because people actually think the show is making fun of disabled people. First I would like to ask those people who are so butthurt, what are you smoking, cause I think I want some. Its gone as far as people writing Mrs. Amy Keating Rogers (the writer behind the episode) to voice their displeasure that she would make fun of disabled people (despite the fact her son is a disabled person). Thankfully others have written her to thank her, and have been e-mailed back with very kind words.

There isn’t much that makes me want to slam my head against the wall over and over, but the reaction from certain circles in this fandom have made me put multiple holes in my office wall. But enough of that subject, cause I’m sure someone will write me an angry letter.

And for the record both sides have a valid opinion, its the people who are so butt damaged they have to write the creators of a cartoon to voice their displeasure like someone’s grandfather who spends his time writing letters to everything he dislikes.

So from all of us here at Derpy Hooves News, and the sane side of the fandom, we would like to thank Mrs. Rogers, and the staff of Studio B for this great gift. There isn’t too many other shows that actually give their fans this much attention directly in the show. Thank you, and keep up the good work.

  • tom

    In the end, the whole situation was overblown. it was just a few people, and AKR has been flooded with positive emails.

  • I am so glad for AKR to have recieved such positive feedback over the episode.

    And shame on anyone that has caused drama over Derpy. She only got better because of the episode.

    I hope she will provide some insight behind her using Derpy as a character but that may be for another time :)

    Oh and this isn’t on Equestria Daily so congrats to DHN for getting the scoop before they did

    • Anonymous

      Doubt EqD will bother to post about it. The people who caused the “uproar” are from there anyways.

      • You mean hate like this?

        They are probably playing it smart not to at the moment. The less drama the better

        You would know by now though that 90% of all drama by any incident like this is usually from the VOCAL MINORITY.

        Aw well. Love and tolerance I’d say

        • Daisymare

          As a person that’s spent my whole life in special ed classes I feel that Derpy was fine in this episode. So far the only people I’ve seen complaining are people without disabilities crying for those who do. I would like to say to those people that if the disabled take offense to Derpy they will speak out. They don’t need you talking for them. They are not children.

    • I would put all my money on that EqD will not touch this with a 10 foot pole, its not their thing.

      As for this post, in one hand I wanted to make sure that it is known that many many of us are thankful for this gift, while it also lets people go somewhere and more or less decompress. You got people who are mad about Derpy, you got people who are mad about the people who are mad about Derpy, its a vicious cycle, but its the way of the internet.

      As for the drama, I don’t plan on bringing the subject up again. This is the final time it will be brought up, and yeah it was only brought up because I did get pissed off.

      Its one thing to have an opinion and voice it on the internet.

      Its another when you start sending letters to AKR and Hasbro about it. Take that energy, and go do something more useful, cause in the end these people make us look like assholes, whining over a cartoon.

  • Todd-Fox

    I myself have aspergers which admittedly is a world away from derpys drawbacks. However to me i think its great after all you dont see many people on tv who have mentaly oriented problems. I certainly dont see many aspies or visually impaired on mainstream soaps. In my opinion derpy is a great move in the right direction to solveing this lack. And you have to agree she has one of the most endering personalites insult ha shes one great big compliment.

  • Anonymous

    I really don’t get the butthurt over this either. In basically all fan content of Derpy she is made clumsy and messing up things. Everyone was fine with it and there was nothing of her being “retarded” except a few fanfic ideas and headcanons. Nobody was mad or complained besides her Ditzy/Derpy name dispute.
    All the episode did was show her with those same traits the fan base gave and portraited her with.
    To think that they would make fun of disabled people is absurd and rediculous since we were the ones who made her that way. The fact the show even put her in the damn show with her name as Derpy is amazing so why can’t you just be happy? :(

  • Anonymous

    Are you submitting to the drama? What for?
    Disregard haters, enjoy your Derpy.

  • Love and tolerance

    People should at least read *why* some fans (and yes, they are also fans) are upset at the scene, and should try their hand at this “love and tolerance” stuff everpony’s always on about. Try this one:

    • Daisymare

      I read that article and it was just hate mongering. That person has no right to make claims on behalf of people like me. That person needs to learn to love and tolerate and not hate disable people. Which is what I took from the article. If that person cared for disabled people that person would not want them to be kept out of the public. I for one think that if more people knew there were people like myself and other out there struggling through life with mental issues it would make them less afraid of us.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t really see the hate-mongering? It’s written in a pretty aggressive way but the article isn’t about keeping disabled people our of the public, not at all. I can’t even see where you got that from.
        It was about being annoyed that the people who aren’t offended by it are arrogantly telling the people who are offended that they’re wrong, and everything they’re saying is wrong, just because they don’t agree with them.

  • Supertide

    The fandom is full of retards so I’m not surprised. The above poster is a great example.

  • DerpyFan

    God bless overreacting, oversensitive, whiny, trigger happy social justice keyboard warriors who think they know everything.

  • Jordan

    I’d like to see AKR’s e-mail. What exactly did she say?

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn’t be surprised if those who complain turned out to be trolls.
    Maybe they think Eric Cartman’s “diabolical” plan to take down Family Guy would work in real life.

  • 8ftmetalhead

    politically correct bullshit. NZ suffers from it in the extreme. You can’t go through life expecting to not offend anybody. This is an example of it. For god’s sake it’s not like the show put a brown pony in and made it sit at the back of a bus, or showed the mane 6 beating the crap out of an aspy foal while calling it names.

    • Love and tolerance

      “For god’s sake it’s not like the show put a brown pony in and made it sit at the back of a bus, or showed the mane 6 beating the crap out of an aspy foal while calling it names.”

      It’s not far off, either. In that scene, Derpy – which some people do use as a slur – displays poor control of motor and vocal skills, appears spaced out, and remains fairly oblivious as to why accidents keep happening around her. That goes way beyond just “clutzy”. And then Rainbow puts her in a corner and tells her to stop doing anything, outright saying that she’d only make things worse, and implying that she’s useless.

      Now, I’m not offended by the scene, but clearly some people are (and people have complained about the name “Derpy” being a slur since I’ve been part of the fandom, so it’s not new). There are better ways of dealing with their criticism than likening their opinions to toilet paper. I expected more from this fandom in particular.

      • Supertide

        You know this “love and tolerance” thing is only big on ponychan, the rest of the fandom does not buy it.

        • TheLoneLampman

          But is that any reason for the rest of us to purposely act like asshats?

        • Daisymare

          I’ve never been on Ponychan but I bought Love and Tolerance from the start. But the people are upset have no right to speak for those that actually have disabilities. I’m glad that Derpy has all the aspects of mental disability yet retains her happy outlook on life. Just because Rainbow Dash lost her temper doesn’t mean she was mocking Derpy. The name Derpy doesn’t hurt my feelings either. If she was named Moron or Retard then yes I would have been upset but to me Derpy refers to her eyes and not her mental state. Never has never will.

      • 8ftmetalhead

        I read that as more of a ‘let me handle this, jeez’ sort of thing.
        I know I’ve certainly had to do that to certain people who were simply being a hindrance.
        I do realise you could see it as a ‘siddown, retard’ sort of thing, especially given the voicing, but I HAVE dealt with people who just ARE that accident prone, yet otherwise completely ‘normal’.

        I’m quite strongly reminded of sketches in many cartoons (particularly with parent/kid scenes) with the old break everything, ‘but i was just trying to help’ motif.

        In fact I’m quite sure that this could’ve turned out completely differently if the voicing was slightly less slow sounding.

        But whatevs, people will get offended, I’m sure the staff are sorry if and when they do, but I’m equally sure there’s others who will love the joke, others who will appreciate the sentiment, and others who just plain don’t pick up on it.

        Think I’ll leave it at that.

  • Anonymous

    Let me get this out of the way before I say this; I was not offended by derpy or anything. So keep that in mind before someone replies to think with some BS reason to disregard my oommment.

    But as far as I can tell? The people being rudest about this entire thing are the people holding the opinion that this post is showing.
    “First I would like to ask those people who are so butthurt, what are you smoking”
    “and the sane side of the fandom”
    I’m sorry but that right there is flat out rude and condescending. Of course I don’t really know how far the people who were offended are taking it, because I’ve not seen as many of those people. But to be honest, I’ve seen to much of this discrediting the opinion of the people who were offended, that I’m starting to get the idea that they’re the less aggressive bunch.

    Someone posted as an earlier comment a link to a blog, which also contains this article:

    Okay I don’t like this article either because it’s full of uneccessary swearing, sweeping generalisations and all that, but there is one line I want to point out;
    “But the fact that I have seen so much anger and so many shocked reactions berating, scolding, and actually screaming at the few of us who were offended? That’s disgusting.
    I’m inclined to agree. It’s sad to see people who claiming that people who were offended are trolls or something like that.

    Now again I’m not saying that Derpy was offensive I’m not here to voice any side of that argument. I’m just voicing my distaste for those who are saying that the people who do think that are wrong. If you’re offended you can’t exactly help it. People are allowed to be offended, and telling people who are offended to get over it? That’s inconsiderate if you ask me.

  • plaster

    Well, it’s a good thing i decided to stay up and man the helm tonight.

    I’m not sure I can defend DS in this post because I warned him that his phrasing would cause a stir and that I would be hiding under the desk if he needed me. If he didn’t change it then, he’s going to stand behind his words and I’ll stand at his side.

    Now, to the point of some of the comments in here. I can already tell that a good old fashioned hootenanny will break out in here any moment and I wanted to warn you as someone who has to clean up after this mess, I will take necessary measures to prevent it from getting out of hand.

    Now, as i’m sure you all want to hear my opinion on this matter. I’ll try to be as neutral as possible here. I think that Derpy doesn’t mean anything other than her being her. The many different flavors of Derpy all had her a little loco in the coco so why people are getting mad about it now is beyond me. The people who ARE getting mad about it, from what I can tell, is feeling like they’ve been insulted by the character for any reason. Either because they know someone or are themselves someone who would consider them catagorized with some disability or status “like” Derpy. Now, they’re upset that (from what I can tell) because it even exists or was put into the show and “portrayed in a negative light”. Too little too, late I say. If you’re going to be mad, you should have been mad when she showed up in Season 1 the first time for having her trademark eyes and being clumsy.

    It seems like it’s one of those things where no matter the situation, it cannot be portrayed in any way or it’s bad. Feels a lot like a lot of the same opinions from Feminists, Equal Rights and Same-Sex/Transgender Rights groups. I know just by mentioning them I summon the storm so I’ll end it with this: They’re trying to portray all of these groups in everyday regular situations, they may not get it right but when it comes to equal rights and fair treatment, isn’t actually doing it the right course of action? how long or how hard does it have to be defended before you’ll actually let people put it into practice? All that complaining and all that need to have it “just right” when I honestly don’t know what the perfect situation is anymore because everyone is too busy complaining about the wrong to tell us what is right.

    People have a right to their own opinion, they have the right to defend their loved ones. But they don’t have the right to impede on the rights of others for their own gains. The animators have a right to do what they want to do artistically and they only wanted to make us happy. Don’t attack them because of that. No one has the right to take the peace and happiness of another human being away. Ever. Don’t make it sound like you were personally feeling insulted when with a ballpark estimate 90% of the fanbase loved that Derpy was even IN the show. They didn’t care how she was portrayed and the only reason it was brought up was because the people who did make a big stink of the whole deal. I honestly think it could have gone on kosher in the fanbase and not even a problem until someone had to point it out. Now it’s a problem.

    • Love and tolerance

      “Too little too, late I say. If you’re going to be mad, you should have been mad when she showed up in Season 1 the first time for having her trademark eyes and being clumsy.”

      People were mad. Not so much at the show, but at the fans who insisted on calling the pony Derpy instead of Ditzy. I remember reading a comment on Lauren Faust’s deviantArt page after season one aired begging her to go with her initial idea and assign the name “Ditzy” to that particular background pony, precisely because of the negative connotations of “derp” and “derpy”. (By then, of course, it was already out of Faust’s hands.)

      The reason the wider fandom only noticed the reaction now is because some people are so ecstatic at the “ascended fandom” of Derpy Hooves that they reject any differing feelings on the matter by other fans as stupid, an over-reaction or un-fan-like behavior. And guess what, that makes those fans who are offended even angrier; nobody likes to be told “most people weren’t offended, so you shouldn’t be either, so shut up already”.

      I really recommend reading the link that Anonymous posted at 5:40 am EST. It’s a super-angry blog entry, and personally, I don’t agree with all of its points nor with the tone in which they are made. But there is a reason behind the anger. It’s not “bullshit” or “trolling” or “drama for the sake of drama”.

      • plaster

        alright, i admit. I understand where that post is coming from.

        There are two sides of every story though, even though it seems like it could have been a harmless shoutout to the rest of us, it seems that most of the people who are offended are people who are related or work with “disabled persons” (I feel that term in general is really derogatory too, they need a label?). But on the other side of the coin, there are people with legitimate situations who are perfectly ok with Derpy. Ok, so probably not all of them, but the point i’m trying to make here is that these people feel obligated to defend people who would really like the chance to not have to feel like they need to be defended in the first place.

        supporting evidence:

        • Love and tolerance

          I know. Like I said, I don’t agree with many of the arguments either (though, in hindsight and with those arguments in mind, I do kind of agree that the voice and Derpy’s destructive-yet-oblivious behaviour could have been handled better; not necessarily “very special episode” better, but “less stereotypical” better).

          I just want to point out that people have a right to be offended and to voice their anger (which really seems to me to have been disappointment, before turning into anger after other fans tried to marginalize them). And everybody else has a right to disagree. But politely and cool-headedly and ideally without disparaging the respective other side or calling them unfit to be fans. This fandom, of all fandoms, should be better at that than it often is.

    • Yeah and for the record, no one needs to defend what I say or do, they are my actions, and I’ll gladly take all the flak.

      I haven’t really seen anyone who has been butthurt over it, one person who found my writing to be condescending, and that is their opinion.

  • Ragemoar

    I’d just like to point out that all this arguing is about
    A FICTIONAL CARTOON CHARACTER. Cry more seriously.
    The people whining about this are stupid, and so are
    the people responding to it.
    No one is making fun of anyone.

    Haters gonna hate and lovers gonna love.
    Thats the way it is in this world, And most likely the way it always will be.

  • Painless Wolf

    I’ve already mentioned once that I didn’t find anything wrong with the portrayal of Derpy. Other people disagree with this viewpoint. (obviously or there wouldn’t be all this brouhaha going on) I want to say that it’s important that people get their say and that we all do our best to understand where everyone is coming from. As far as writing the Voice Actor or the Writers to complain. Ouch, cmon’ folks. Stuff like that will have us _all_ wind up without a show or ponys to enjoy. We can work things out among us and as far as the show goes, enjoy it for what it is while we’re all here in the day and it’s here with us.

  • Present Perfect

    Derpy’s voice is no more retarded than Bon-Bon’s. The only people offended by Derpy are the ones looking to be offended. Unfortunately they all have voices, so you’re less likely to see the production team act so graciously towards us in the future (I’m talking season 3 here). Thanks guys, thanks a lot.

    Actual, non-sarcastic thanks to everyone who wrote Amy Keating Rogers to show support. It can’t be nice to be in that position.

    • Anonymous

      I’m sorry but this is exactly what I’m complaining about.

      You can not be offended by Derpy. I’m not either! But it seriously gets on my nerves when you say things like “The only people offended by Derpy are the ones looking to be offended.”

      How is that not just discrediting the opinions of everyone who disagrees with you? People are allowed to be offended. Let them be without making sweeping comments that’s likely to upset them more.

      • Present Perfect

        It’s not that they’re not allowed to be offended, not at all. My point is that there is nothing inherently “offensive” about Derpy’s portrayal, or anything for that matter.

        It’s a personal philosophy I use to explain how some people can be offended by things and others can’t. Most of us don’t realize this, because we’re raised to assume that certain things are inherently offensive, but offense is entirely due to the perceptions, expectations and interpretations of the viewer, not the material itself. I don’t remember there being a huge outcry about “Over a Barrel”, which I found thoroughly offensive, for instance. It’s entirely because I choose to read things into it and take a certain interpretation that disallows me from enjoying the episode.

        • Present Perfect

          Oops, forgot to make an actual point.

          Don’t blame the writers for you getting offended, blame yourself.

  • Tristram Shandy
  • Cinnamon Fritter

    I did actually find the route that Studio B went to represent poor Ditzy-Doo disappointing. But I’ve already explained my thoughts and reasoning in a previous post on this site ( ). In my real life experiences, I’ve just never seen the term ‘derp’ used outside of making fun of or implying retardation.

    What I do actually find offensive, and I’m glad I’m not alone, is how the majority of the fandom attacks, insults, berates, and flat out denies the legitimacy of the opinions of those who don’t completely agree with the bandwagon. It’s just saddening to see such intolerance.

    One of my best friends, whom I’ve known for over 20 years, is pretty notably handicapped. When we play online games together, we always have a voice chat program going in the background because he can barely read and certainly can’t type with any proficiency; my character has to speak for his character. He does get offended by things like the word derp very easily. He’s gotten offended at comments that were completely unrelated, but he misunderstood the context. Memes get to him the quickest (umad, nyannyannyannyan, derp) get to him the quickest because he doesn’t spend much time on the internet, and he doesn’t realize people are just parroting trendy terms.

    He’s still human, he’s still a fan of the show, he’d still like to see Ditzy-Doo as more than just the butt of slapstick jokes. Why does the fandom have to treat his opinion and feelings (and mine, for that matter) like dogshit just because we’d like to see better and don’t agree with everything a pack of teenagers want to see?

    Jesus Christ, and to see an admin of this site act the same way is just demoralizing.

    • Its one to have an opinion, and I’m all for valid opinions, I can understand both sides. Its the people who are actually writing hate mail to Amy Rogers, Hasbro, Studio B and making petitions that I’m pissed off about.

      Its a free world (for the most part), but when you start writing hate mail to the creators of a cartoon…

      • Anonymous

        To be honest though, it seemed like your post was directed at anyone and everyone who found Derpy offensive, and not just the people who were sending hate mail.

  • Cinnamon Fritter

    Sorry, I messed up the italic html ending tag. Didn’t mean to let the last half of that post go completly italicized, just the one word.

    Oh well, no one’s perfect.

  • Anonymous

    This is a little TL:DR, but I don’t have a sentence to sum it up, haha..

    When I saw Derpy appear, my initial reaction like so many others was something along the lines of “OH MY GOODNESS THAT IS SO COOL.” I was so excited, I was smiling for several minutes.
    Then afterwards, I saw some disapproving comments mixed with ones of approval. I read one or two that I thought were gently put, and well thought out.. and to be honest, I see where they are coming from. But here’s what I think-

    Of course, the studios intent was good. They wanted to do something for the adult fans, and our consistency and affection with Derpy was an obvious enough tip off. So this thing with them being prejudice against the mentally disabled is extremely not the case.
    There is nothing wrong with televising a character with the traits Derpy has. Being awkward and clumsy with those eyes and that voice are apart of who this character is. And this cartoon aside, they are traits what many real people have. That’s like someone describing a person, and having someone say “Ah! Dont say they have a lisp and their eyes are crossed and their clumsy! That’s wrong!” No. Those are facts. It’s ignorant and, ironically, much worse to go out of your way to pretend that doesn’t exist. Censorship hurts more than heals. Any adult should know this.

    HOWEVER. What about the kids? Now, kids are more intelligent than we give them credit for.. but one factor in that is their ability to pick things up very quickly. While I or many of the fans have no problem with Derpy, there was someone who DID. Rainbow Dash. She was irritated and impatient with Derpy breaking stuff and getting in the way of work, and that’s not hard to understand given Dash’s natural brashness and that it would indeed be annoying.. but there was no tolerance there. And tolerance isn’t just enough. There was no understanding there. And I think that’s what left many folks uncomfortable.
    See, even though it served its purpose as a clip (comic relief, an explanation for why the roof was wreaked, predominately a gift for internet savvy fans.) it probably shouldn’t have been included. So I had an episode idea, and I dont know how many would like it, but I thought it seemed cool.

    A Rainbow Dash centric episode, but with Derpy as the supporting episodic character. She works as any Pegasus, controlling the weather and doing her job with others.. but maybe she gets saddled (no pun intended) with Derpy on an assignment. And she reeaaally doesn’t want to do it, because Derpy, while well meaning, messes things up. But loyal to her assignment, she goes along naturally. A series of mishaps happen, Dash gets more and more irritated, maybe even calls Derpy out. But the episode resolves around Dash being unable to do something that Derpy is quite good at. Maybe they need to get somewhere, and she’s terrible at directions and to stubborn to take advice and Derpy knows where EVERY town/road/bent sign is or something. At the end of the episode, Dash hooks Derpy up with a job delivering mail, since she has a nack with knowing where places and people are/live. (Even if she crashes into them.)
    The lesson isn’t about TOLERANCE.. but finding strengths in a person and accepting that you have your own weaknesses.. and just because you see flaws in someone, that doesn’t make up all that they are- and they could have far more potential than you’d know. You just need to be patient, and when you see a sign of it- nurture it and help it grow. And maybe they’ll in turn, help you. Or something along those lines.

    NOW, I know people have an issue with fan pandering, especially if it has nothing to do with a story.. but while this would be a little bit of pandering, consider: There are other characters other than the Mane 6 that we love, also not including the Princesses. There’s Trixie and Gilda and Zecora and Photo Finish and Big Mac and many more. Some only have been seen for one episode. But they were important in that episode.. to help build the world around them and support one or all of the Mane 6. And to anyone who’s not living on the internet in these forums and blogs, Derpy would be just another episodic character.. the added zest is we know how she came about. So, it’s trivia.
    As far as handling the perceived issue around mental disability.. it would be handled with the same great quality that the show is known for. They’ve touched a little on racism, and bullying, and beliefs.. this would be just another situation.
    Lastly, and this one is a little.. well, maybe stretching. But the name ‘Derpy’ itself is a little ‘eeeh’ for some people. While I personally see it as an action word for ‘brain farting/screwing up.. it’s a skip from being a hurtful word for Mental Disability. So, while we’ll always know her as Derpy, I imagine a scene at the end of this imaginary episode where Dash and Derpy are shaking hooves and Dash is thanking Derpy for the help, and Derpy looking unbothered just says her ‘full real name’ in correction. (Ditsy Doo, Bright Eyes, Bubble Blower, whatever they wanna call her.) Dash skipping a beat like “Wait, what?” “My name. It’s ___” And Dash looks a little embarrassed like “O-oh.” And Derpy doesn’t mind, all “:D”.

    Anyway, really long- but I’ve been thinking about this at work today, so I thought I’d share. Thanks for reading!