Where the Sidewalk Ends by =Icaron


The Leo Awards, a Canadian based awards organization for TV and Movies has nominated MLP four times under their animation category. MLP:FiM is up for…

– Program

– Direction

– Overall Sound

– Musical Score

Somewhat unrelated to ponies, Peter New (voice of Big Mac) has also been nominated for his role in the feature length drama, Sunflower Hour.

The awards ceremony takes place on May 25th. http://leoawards.com

Update 5/3: Apparently the Leo Awards made a mistake, and the Music Score was not nominated. Daniel posted on his Facebook about it.

Thank-you for all the good wishes everyone!! Unfortunately, it looks like the Leo’s dropped the ball and posted the nomination in error and we we were NOT nominated for best Musical Score. This is the 2nd time this has happened to me with the Leo’s and I’m officially declaring the Leo Awards a disorganized joke of an organization. – Ingram

  • Happening for the second time?… A joke of an organization indeed