The Cosmic Space Frog – Analyzing Ponies (Background Edition)

Remember the Cosmic Space Frog?  He’s a random pony fan who took it upon himself to analyze our ponies, and so far has done a good job, and has been featured here before.  First with Pinkie Pie, and then everyone else.  He has returned, and this time dug into the world of our beloved background ponies.  It is indeed one of the great things this fandom has done, just the pure fact we created all these side characters from almost nothing, and many have become as loved as the mane 6.  It always amazed me about Vinyl Scratch DJ Pon3, as Cosmic points out, she has become the mascot for pony music mixes, and all she got was a mere 4 seconds on screen.  Anyways, grab your sunday morning coffee, here’s your reading material.

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