The Daily Dot: Behind FO:E – The Ultimate MLP Tribute

The Daily Dot today released an article about the creative drive of the fandom, focusing mainly on Fanfics, specifically Fallout Equestria which is probably one of the most popular of all the series. As pointed out by article writer Lauren Rae Orsini, fanfic itself out numbers the other pistons of the creative ponyfan engine such as musicians who have produces full albums dedicated to the show, and of course the oldest of all, the fan artists. Even if you boil it down to site pageviews, fanfic accounts for a massive chunk of EqD’s odemeter, and obviously FiMfiction. We haven’t done much here ourselves, as I’ve always pointed people towards FiMfiction, much as we do with gaming (Equestria Gaming).

The article talks with multiple people ranging from Amanda Brennan (a researcher) of Know Your Meme and Graeme Pollard, webmaster for FiMFiction. Points out the fact such as FiMFiction has roughly about 30,000 stories in its archives and that about 40 new stories are created per day. They even talk to Kkat, author of FO:E who apparently isn’t fond of public appearances, having yet to appear at any convention and even used a computerized voice to speak with the Daily Dot.

Full article can be read here:

Daily Dot: Behind “Fallout: Equestria”, the ultimate “My Little Pony” tribute

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