Terminus by *gign-3208

Well I’d say roughly 300 or so people took part in our Season 2 Survey, not as many as I had expected but that’s what I get for running it off site. We’ll probably run one after the summer when everything has become old and dusty in your minds, and see where everything ranks then. So now, for the results.

Season 2 Best Episode (Top 5)

  1. Lesson Zero
  2. Luna Eclipsed
  3. The Last Roundup
  4. Hurricane Fluttershy
  5. A Friend In Deed

Season 2 Best Song (Top 3)

  1. Smile Smile Smile
  2. This Day Aria
  3. The Flim Flam Brothers

Best Writer of Season 2

  1. Meghan McCarthy
  2. M.A. Larson
  3. Amy Keating Rogers
  4. Cindy Morrow
  5. Merriwether Williams
  6. Charlotte Fullerton

Best New Character of Season 2 (Top 5)

  1. Discord
  2. Queen Chrysalis
  3. Daring Do
  4. Iron Will
  5. Tom
  • joe

    i saw tom and i didn’t quite know how to react
    oh and first

  • Anonymous

    LZ, TLR, and HCFS were all in my personal top 5, so I’m glad to see them there. Very surprised that Sisterhooves didn’t make the cut, though… everyone loves that episode.

    • Naner

      I’m more surprised that A Canterlot Wedding isn’t there. But Lesson Zero is my favorite, so I won’t complain.

  • NinJay

    Hey. Look at that. People are actually commenting. Might as well join in.


  • Mason

    Pretty much most of this was inevitable. Though didn’t expect Hurricane Fluttershy to reach top 5, glad to see its there.