Timey Wobby Filly and Foal by =saturnspace

Since we are now 2 weeks deep into the off season, I figured it was about time to do some polling on Season 2. Due to the lack of good polling plugins for WordPress, we’ll be conducting this off site over on Google Blogger. The survey itself will run for 15 days, ending on May 18th @ 11:59pm. Feel free to spread this around so we can get as many people in this as possible.

What we are polling…

  • Best Season 2 Episode (does not include the opener or finale)
  • Best Season 2 Double Episode (opener & finale)
  • Best Song of Season 2
  • Best Episode Writer of Season 2
  • Best New Character of Season 2

We may add in a poll or two more if someone has any ideas (feel free to leave a comment on this post).

DHN Survery Site: http://dhnsurvery.blogspot.com/

For the writers poll, you may want to check out the MLP Wikia’s episode page, which lists who wrote what episode.

PS: Two mistakes, ep18 A Friend In Deed marked down as A Friend In Need, and Philomeena somehow got listed as a new character.

  • naahdude

    I hope Dragon Quest isn’t near the bottom like in every other poll :S

  • derpymaths

    i feel that luna was just so bad ass during the halloween ep that there’s really no contest here. heavy-metal princess FTW