Derpy Bean by ~SeriousArthos

In Case of No News, Break Glass.

The Suggestion Post is a fun article I toss out every once in awhile, to more or less gauge how you the common readers of this site feel about the site. Our last two have resulted in more or less people saying keep on doing what you’re doing, but then again we’ve have some pub brawls break out between commentors and the site, either way it tends to be somewhat entertaining. We’re looking for the general question of how are we doing and of course any suggestions you have about posts, what we post about, what we need to stop posting about, things you’d like to see posted about, etc, or of course just scream obscenities at us. Its not a party without a troll or two to make things interesting.

Always remember DHN is never 100% serious about itself (obviously I cannot speak for the rest of the staff). Over the course of season 2 I’ve come across many fine comments about the site in my random wanderings in the community, and of course come across some funny stuff. One favorite is that we pretend to be serious news, and yeah…no. The conspiracy theories are the best though, a recent story I heard was that the DHN Staff were all former EqD staffers who mutinied against Seth, where thrown out the door and started this site as competition. My personal answer is what are you people huffing behind the tool shed when you come up with this stuff. Still, entertaining to hear.

As for site design and layout, my ears are open but I’d like to note that we are planning to overhaul the front end layout. We’re aware of the general complaints (massive header, sloppy design, clutter feeling) and will hopefully be coming out with a much better design (or fail horribly). Just remember we came from this. Only the oldest of the old remember the original design from January 2011, oh those java drop down menus were high tech I tell ya.

Stay Tuned for whatever crops up.

  • TheLoneLampman

    It’s not much help, but for some reason my browser (firefox) messes up consistantly with memory leaks and lag on this site, especially on the video embeds. I don’t think I’ve ever had that problem anywhere else.

    Suggestion for other stuff: Maybe make a weekly/bi-weekly theme for artists to have a go at? (all including Derpy, of course!) Just for the hell of it. No contest.

    • Its probably the video embeds, we go back and forth on posting them directly to the main page and hiding them behind the page break, due to the amount of crap on the front page, they should probably be hidden behind a page break. If anything its more the amount of stuff on the front page, all those buttons and such are eating up horsepower, its one of many things we’ll be addressing.

      The artist thing, not a bad idea.

  • hasaterribadcomputer

    this website makes my computer sad. It takes consistently longer to load, and generally slows my browser (chrome) down when on it.

    PS: top-notch site, technical issues aside.

  • 8ftmetalhead

    Perhaps rotating headers contributed by the users?

    I think you’re doing alright. I’d say get into it more but that gives rise to more arguments, plus you guys are trying to (and doing quite well) sit on the fence for the most part eh?

    I gotta say though wow it’s been a little while now hasn’t it? Was there any particular reason you culled the link to EQD?

    Also wow @ people’s eqd V dhn idea. I don’t think this site is so much competition as it is a … well, not a sister site, but you deal with different people.

    Good luck with whatever you decide to do, though.

  • Even though we aren’t part of the main site, it would be extremely useful if you could get a link to Derpychat somewhere on the page again. Whether it’s just a tab at the top or a link in the Afillyates, DHN has always been the main source of chatroom members. If that’s alright with the DHN administration of course.

    Thank you.
    -Vinyl Scratch, Derpychat Administrator.