by Rannva
As declared by Rannva, the “Doo Family” though you can also file them under the alias of the Hooves Family.  Besides the picture being super cute and awesome, it also follows a fanfic I’ve personally been writing very slowly (like glacier slow) over the past few months, which is basically about Derpy’s life from birth up until about the time of Dinky’s birth.  The main goal is to wrap up most of her fandom into a single character (minus total retard Derpy) and explain why she is the way she is.
Check out the dA post here.  From left to right we have Brolly (from Sonic Rainboom ep) with Derpy’s sister Flutter Doo, and her two fillies Tornado Bolt and Bolting (or Trot, undecided).  And then we have Derpy and Ponet (Van Horn) with Dinky, who wishes to be a pegasus in this picture, which is why Ponet has a somewhat concerned smile.  It seems Derpy & Ponet have become a couple versus Derpy and Doctor Whooves, which probably makes sense, I don’t think the good doctor could settle down enough for family life.
  • Elliot

    Wait who are the parent then?

  • DerpySquad

    Mr. and Mrs. Hooves? That's how I address them in my story at least. If you mean the two fillies that aren't Dinky, its Derpy's sister's kids.