The Everfree Northwest Conbook Submission Guidelines

Announcement from the folks at Everfree Northwest.

Make your mark in the Everfree forest.
Thanks for your interest in the official conbook for Everfree NorthWest! The first major three-day My Little Pony fan convention in the Pacific Northwest will take place August 17 through 19, 2012, and is open to fans of all ages. Every attendee will receive a full-colour 8½”×11″ convention book, and we’re looking for all manner of MLP-themed creative works for publication within it, including short fiction, photography, articles, poetry, and artwork. If you’re a creator with something to offer, we’d love to publish your work!

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What you should know:
Conbook submissions and their accompanying signed release form must be received no later than June 10, 2012. All submissions should be appropriate for accompanied minors (roughly G to PG-13, by MPAA film rating parlance). They should also be relevant to the convention’s My Little Pony theme; that includes any “generation” of MLP cartoons, toys, and other media. Previously published work is acceptable, though we strongly encourage the creation of new work to premiere in the conbook.
We ask only non-exclusive print rights for submitted works, meaning that you may publish the submitted work anywhere else at any time. Also, unless requested otherwise, conbook submissions may be used in other Everfree NW publications and materials (including but not limited to other printed booklets, convention badges, keycards, and the like) at our discretion. Acceptance of a submission does not guarantee its publication, and the Publications Department reserves the right to reject any submission for any reason.

Preparing your text:
Written works no longer than 2000 words may be sent in any format that can be opened in LibreOffice 3.5. This includes plain text (TXT), RTF, DOC, and ODF. PDF will not be accepted for text submissions.
Bear in mind that text will be reformatted as will suit the layout and style of the publication in which it is used. If special consideration should be taken with the layout or typography of a submission, or if there is accompanying artwork, please note these in the submission e-mail and we’ll work with you on it.

Preparing your image:
Raster-based artwork (bitmaps, photographs, and the like) may be submitted in any lossless format that can be opened in Adobe Photoshop CS3. This includes TIFF, flattened PSD, and PNG. Photographs may be submitted in JPEG but should be as high-quality as possible. The conbook design will allow for images up to approximately 7″×10″; submitted images should be ready for print at 300 DPI, though they will be resized to suit the final layout.
Vector-based artwork may be submitted in any format that can be opened in Adobe Illustrator CS3. This includes SVG, EPS, AI, and PDF. If your work includes text, be sure to convert the text to curves to prevent font issues.
Colour images are encouraged; the conbook will be printed entirely in full colour. Images may undergo necessary adjustments (colour, resizing, and the like) for print quality. Alpha channels (transparent areas) will be preserved.
Images with visible watermarks or copyright information will be rejected. Don’t worry; copyright information will be included along with your work when published. (We want to be certain that you receive due credit!)

How to send us your work:
All submissions must be received electronically. To submit files:

  • Give the file a unique, logical filename. Ideally, this would be something like “CreatorName_SubmissionTitle.png”.
  • Compose an e-mail to stating your legal name, (optional) pseudonym, and the submission title. Remember to attach the submission file and completed release form.
  • Be patient! You’ll receive an e-mail confirming receipt of your submission, but it may take several days. If you don’t hear back from us within seven days, send another message with the information above (but without the attachments) to and we’ll look into it.

Questions, suggestions, or comments?
If you have any questions about Everfree NW publications or how to submit your work, feel free to e-mail our publications director, Gemini Star, at with them.

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