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Purple Tinker(I’m sure she needs no introduction) sent this to us as we hoped we could get on this train too.

Who wants the be known as that “one site who couldn’t care enough to give a gift?” and it’s a good idea. A lot of effort is going into this. I looked into it and talked it over with the DH Tactics Advisory Board™ and came to the conclusion that this is the best course of action for everyone involved even if one or two of you may disagree, its supposed to be a happy thing to show our thanks.

This is a pure copy and paste from what we received in the mailbox tonight.


The heads of BroNYCon (Purple Tinker) and Northwest Bronyfest (Bejoty) are teaming up to arrange for an amazing community gift to be delivered to the team behind our beloved show, including Jayson Thiessen, Daniel Ingram, all the amazing voice actors, and– yes– Ms. Lauren Faust herself.

Donations will be accepted until December 1, and come in two forms. 

1) If you are donating MONEY, it will be used to purchase custom gifts (custom ponies and other merchandise, food, and other unique items) for the show’s production team. Send donations via Paypal to prpltnkr (AT) gmail (DOT) com, with the subject SPECIAL GIFT FOR STUDIO B.

2) If you wish to donate ITEMS (suggestions: Custom ponies, art, cards, etc.– but, really, anything you think the production team would appreciate), contact Bejoty about shipping your item. (Bear in mind that it has to be there by no later than December 1.)

He can be emailed at bejotygames (AT) gmail (DOT) com.  These guys have given us so much happiness. Let’s help the community give back to them! 

In the spirit of friendship, 
Purple Tinker

Let’s show em who’s boss!

  • plaster

    Unless you're going to put together your own gift giving idea in the amount of time we have, please refrain from posting generalized overreactions to this one. This is not 4chan, we have a limit to how much we can allow to continue here. Please keep that in mind when you voice your opinions

  • Anonymous

    Never change, plaster.

  • DerpySquad

    Or you know, quit feeding the troll.