Those of you with DirecTV subscriptions but not the right package to get the Hub got a bit of a windfall recently, with the Hub now being available for all packages. There are a couple of caveats, however, if this is making you consider getting the service. The most likely reason for the Hub suddenly being available on all packages is that DirecTV and Viacom (owner of Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, MTV, etc.) are in the middle of a fee dispute (which is actually kind of amusing to follow on Twitter; both parties are behaving like playground schoolchildren), and DTV is trying to cover some of the shortfall. Expect this to last exactly as long as the dispute does, but in the meantime, enjoy the Hub while it lasts if you haven’t been able to before.

And for the record, Ponies can be found daily @ 11 & 11:30am EDT, and then another shot at 1:30pm EDT.

  • Rookee Alding

    I like the way this fights going. ( I, Unfortuanatly, do not have Direct TV) You loose Old Boy Nick ( who can’t treat a good cartoon right at all) and Gain the New kid in town HuB.( who bring with them a understanding of fans that Nick could never possibly understand.)

    I like this tactic..

    However… Isn’t comcast owned by Viacom? If the Hub does this.. does that mean that comcast might try to gain the upper hand by *gasp getting rid of the hub? ( It’s bad enough that it’s higher teir.. I would love to see them have a go at the big three of childrens tv.)

    • Future!Aponymous

      First off,Comcast does NOT own Viacom (thank goodness,and Luna,Celestia,Cadence…) they do however own NBC/Universal

      Viacom however owns nick,MTV(see news article above),Showtime,and some other stations

      but I digress

      (I happen to personally know someone who has comcast/xfinity and they have had the Hub since it was an itty-bitty-twinkie-pinkie channel known as Discovery Kids 6+ years ago too)

      Also I have some hub-tv related news from the Future future future-ok about 2 weeks from now there will be a repeat of the Fan Favorite MARE-a-thon (July 30th,9am-2pm) for those of you with DirecTV enjoy what you might have missed on Valenti-erm Hearts & Hooves Day!

      Also it would seem there be primetime ponies perhaps (Cutie Mark Chronicles scheduled for 8 PM ET/5 PM PT,July 31st)

      Lastly I have a very important message from the future for anyone intrested in still obtaining a SDCC exclusive Derpy figure but I only have a few seconds befor-

  • Citrus Rain

    I don’t like that they’re being compared to school children. Well, DirecTV anyways. (You pulled that comparison from the Associated Press, didn’t you?)

    DirecTV is doing a good thing by refusing to pay higher fees for channels that have no reason to have their prices inflated. This translates directly to their customers who are not going to want their bills inflated just for viacom to make more profit when they’re doing just fine. – expecially for people that don’t actually watch viacom’s channels.

    Viacom is hoping that people will drop DirecTV over the fact that they aren’t getting these channels, and that DirecTV falls to peer pressure.

    I wish Comcast would be more like this.

  • Doc

    Nah, I got it from reading both their Twitter feeds. That said, personally speaking, though I am rooting for them, DirecTV stands to be the biggest loser here; Viacom has too much leverage between Comedy Central, MTV, and Nick for DirecTV to last long without them. The only thing DirecTV has on their side other than early termination fees would be Hulu and the like covering missing Viacom programming. Alas, Capitalism turns nasty when it’s zero-sum; the pie for dedicated TV has been shrinking for a while now. In the meantime, though, Disney and perhaps the Hub can pick up some of the lost Nick viewers, perhaps permanently.