The Huffington Post on Bronycon

by =saturnspace

The Huffington Post today released a small article about Bronycon, very neutral in nature. Time To Play magazine was also present and took some video and interviews.

Original Article

Hundreds of Bronies– teenage and adult men who are fans of the animated TV series, “My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic” — which you might know from the greatest New York Times correction ever–crammed into the Hotel Pennsylvania in midtown on Saturday for the 2012 Winter BronyCon.

According to Kase Wickman, there were chants of “P-O-N-I-E-S! What does that spell? Ponies!” and NeighSlayer, “Ponyville’s Hottest Metal Band!” was scheduled to play. There were academic panels, fan art and MLP vendors. Pegasisters (female bronies) were part of the fun too.

Public fascination with this curious subculture helped contribute to BronyCon’s biggest turnout ever. And according to Gawker, participants were “out and proud.”

Time To Play magazine was on hand to interview the excited Bronies, many of whom were in costume. When asked why BronyCon has grown in popularity, a man dressed up as Big McIntosh (Applejack’s big brother) responds, “I think it’s mostly because the show breeds friendship and happiness. It’s something that hasn’t been on television very long. It teaches good life lessons and it’s something people like to get behind.

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