Hotblooded - by: empty-10

In case you’re wondering why we haven’t chipped in on Everfree Radio’s Japanese Fandom article, it’s because I already did an article on it.

Back in October.

  • plaster

    Get on my level

  • 8ftmetalhead

    I find it scary that I was just baking scones and thought ‘now where did I see that bloody article’ on the japanese fandom.
    Then I came on, there was one on EQD. Then I came here, and BAM there was the one I was thinking about.

    What an incredibly helpful coincidence.

  • A lot I’m sure has changed since October though, look at the general community. This time last year shit was just starting to roll Mr. Shadow Lurker.

    • plaster

      you’re bustin my balls here derpysquad

      • 8ftmetalhead

        I love the pair of you. Keep being awesome.

        just sayin’.