Welp, it seems that the irrefragable word of Hasbro has sealed the verdict on Derpy, as today The Last Roundup reaired on The Hub for the first time since it’s premier, the iTunes re-release and the whole censored Derpy debacle. However, according to an anonymous commenter, the closed captioning for the episode still has the original dialog with Rainbow Dash calling Derpy by name, but this not confirmed.

There’s no way of knowing at this moment if this will be transitive to Netflix when the 2nd season becomes available, but my guess is that the edit will be there as well. At this point it seems that the only licensed way of watching the original version is on the Friendship Express DVD. Hopefully any subsequent reprints aren’t altered.

Please do not harass any Hasbro, The Hub or DHX staff. Please do not redistribute this episode.

  • Alice

    Tired of the soccer moms. I don’t care if they have retarded kids, they can’t ruin stuff like this. Hasbro has money, they are able to say no and keep Derpy derped. If people don’t like it, they can just change the channel.

  • Alice

    Also, I have autism and I love Derpy.

  • Buddy

    I’m not angry, just disappointed.

  • Anonymous

    Eh it`s not like the “censored” version is hard to find.

    Infact it`s opposite.

  • Aponymous

    Did anyone have closed captioning on when it aired?
    I did, sure it was the edited version,and her voice was higher and eyes straight. HOWEVER,the closed captioning still read Derpy (and the original lines),so as far as I’m concerned she’s still the same mare we all know and love.

    Also nice to see the Hub reshow this episode again.

  • That’s a real shame.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t give a fuck.

  • filledwithsolutions

    Obviously harassing random people is a stupid idea, but Hasbro has a contact page and people whos job it is to deal with consumer feedback.
    Not that it matters. It is literally, all over but the crying

    • Anonymous

      I have to make an account just to email Hasbro? Meh.

  • S_E_F

    That was to be expected, so it doesn’t bother me anymore.

  • Anonymous

    I really see no point in saying don’t redistribute this episode. All the episodes of the show have always been redistributed on different sites.

  • ManeFlame

    While still saddening, it wasn’t unexpected at all.
    Someday Derpy will be treated like the rest of the ponies, but we’ll just have to keep working. In a civil manner, preferably.

  • Anonymous

    If Derpy were handicapped as portrayed in the original appearance (as , wouldn’t this editing mean that being handicapped is something to be ashamed of?

    • Alice

      You have a point. It seems as if everytime a show brings about a character who appears to be disabled (in this case Derpy looked it but wasn’t) all the whiny moms start complaining and using us like this. Is it so wrong to be what we are? I’ve seen messages from other retarded people like myself who love Derpy and were upset when Hasbro removed her name and un-derped her eyes. I suggest we make an open letter to Hasbro and have people with disabilities, who love Derpy to sign it and send it in. If could get some parents on board as well, that would be awesome because there were some parents who hated the change too.

      • Anonymous

        There was never some crusade of concerned parents. It was internet tards who jumped out and got offended on others peoples behalf.
        Honestly I think the main thing they were mad about was the fact that they retardedly got the idea in their head that Derpy’s name was Ditzy and couldnt live in a world where their fanon was wrong

        • Anonymous

          And on top of that, even if Derpy were handicapped (even though she’s really just clumsy with an unfortunate voice), wouldn’t the better way to handle it to be to have an episode spotlighting Derpy and preaching the message of tolerance and understanding and friendship to kids instead of just whitewashing the problem and pretending that those type of people don’t exist?

          Although I agree… I’d like to blame the soccer moms and PC police, but it’s probably just a few disgruntled fanboys who didn’t have their fanfics justified that are screwing everything up for everyone else under the guise of PC.

          • This post right here, this is what I’ve been saying. That and the whole idea that Derpy was never mentally handicapped, just clumsy due to being cross eyed. Never mind that she was doing her job in Hurricane Fluttershy and didn’t cause any accidents, unlike somepony. As a person who is disabled it hurts me to think that if I were in a show I could be censored just because some people don’t like it.

  • MrBoltitude

    So when fans whine about Mass Effect for no real reason, that’s totally fine. When bronies complain about a company making a change based on politically correct fear and sexism, you’re being self-entitled and should be quiet. Ain’t the internet grand?

  • koscum

    Well, not that it was reaired, TrollHD might release a good raw of The Last Roundup. Would it be reasonable to expect that [derpyhooves] 1080p version of the episode with our beloved Derpy we’ve been waiting for?

  • Anonymous

    So much for Save Derpy.


    Mass Effect 3’s ending was terrible, BioWare should make a completely new one and Hasbro shouldn’t have listened to PC obsessed, “love and tolerance” type freaks and should have kept the episode unaltered.
    But unfortunately corporates are stupid idiots who screw up everything that once was good.

    • Love and tolerance would dictate that Derpy wouldn’t be changed.

  • Supertide

    Shame, but I’ve seen it coming so I’m just mildly annoyed.


    There was an uncensored [derpyhooves] release of The Last Roundup but it was taken down for some reason and never put back. I still have it though and I will never ever get rid of it.
    That is the original version and IMHO we should redistribute it in protest of Hasbro’s stupid decision.
    They went there, they gave us Derpy, then some retarded fans whined a little bit and Hasbro like a coward almost immediately caved in and censored the episode.
    I find this disgusting.

    • koscum

      I have [DHXY] one, but the rest of the episodes in S2 are [derpyhooves]. I like to keep all of the episodes from the same release group for uniform quality + we all know that Spazz does the best encodes.
      IIRC, TrollHD raw was somewhat messed up (part of the video was missing). There was an announcement on Sharing is Magic that it’s being frankensteined, but I guess that idea was scrapped. If proper TrollHD raw of the reair gets released, original one can be patched with that one and we’ll have the real Derpy in all of her [derpyhooves] FullHDness.

      Anyway, on topic replay because I was dumb enough to remember to include it in my previous post… I kind of figured it was going to end up like this. I did hope that we’d get at least one more reair of the original one, but I kind of knew it was a long shot!
      Hey! We, the Bronies, were the ones who made Derpy and she will always be Derpy to us. As long as we remember that, I have a feeling things will be just fine.

      • Spazz

        Yep, if TrollHD does release 2×14 without errors, I’ll merge the missing part with the original version to recreate that episode.

        If it were any other episode, it wouldn’t be such an ongoing situation. I swear that this episode is cursed.

        • Klonoa Xero

          I just looked for the ep in usenet, and found one with the upload date of 24-Jan, 03:32:25 . It’s a .ts file. I will find out what version it is within the hour.

          • Spazz

            If it’s the TrollHD release, I wouldn’t waste my time. That is the one with lost video.

        • Klonoa Xero

          I will check around for other sources

  • Rytex

    To be honest, it really wasn’t soccer moms. You know how much backlash the Brony community has received from people who think we’re gay and want to point that out to us? We don’t bother responding. We love and tolerate the shit out of them, and it pisses them off. So, they thought they’d strike in any way they could. Our mascot character is Derpy, and they knew that. When we started bragging about Derpy being included, they thought they’d get her taken out with the ever-popular method of Sock Puppets.

    That said, the issue is being turned around. Faust has mentioned she might use Derpy as a side-character, or even a main outside the Mane Six. I certainly hope we see Derpy in the future.

    • Anonymous

      What are you talking about?
      Faust hasnt worked on the show at all for atleast 6 months. And it’s Hasbros call anyway. The people who actually work on the show didnt want to change it.

      And I really doubt this was pulled off by random people trolling us. It was an inside job. There are several known people who were the loudest of the people against Derpy, and they all watch the show.

      • Miss Rogers even stated that it was 10 (yes 10) emails she got from “concerned parents”

        • Citrus Rain

          If I may quote Family Guy’s version of the FCC:

          “And as we all know, 1 angry letter represents 10,000 angry customers.”

          • Anonymous

            Then the 200 thank you letters must have represented 200.000 happy customers (considering how many votes the Save Derpy petition got that’s probably not too far off) :D

  • SpeaksTooSoon

    I had the closed captioning on and her name was in fact still there. But when I heard the dialogue and voices from the altered version, my heart sank. It feels like a betrayal, a middle finger to her fanbase, to everybody who signed the petitions to keep her around. The odd thing is, had this version aired first, there probably wouldn’t be a controversy. It wouldn’t have mattered if her name wasn’t mentioned, and we’d still just jump for joy hearing her speak, whether we like the voice or not. Instead, this version just makes me sad.

  • Rageking the Rageful

    Oh, GG, Derpy Hooves News, tell us to basically roll over and do nothing. Fuck that. We have to do SOMETHING about this. They haven’t even given us a proper response. Fuck censorship, and fuck Hasbro. I’m not buying any of their shit until they make this right. Bunch of high-falutin’ corporate assholes.

    • derpymaths

      you’re not even in the target demographic. why would they give a shit if you dont buy their junk? face it bud, the PC liberal nutjobs got us on this one. they win. fair and square.

  • Blueberry Bagel

    I expected as much. Oh, well. Bought an extra Friendship Express DVD just in case, and I still have the original cut on my iPhone the day it was out for download.

  • Citrus Rain

    If you ask me, I think it’s good that we got it, I had grown acustom to BaldDumboRat’s voice for Derpy, and so when I accidently found out about the “Derpy voice mod” from a comment on an article (not a brony site) I had to check it out.
    Original Rainbow Dash lines, Original animation, New Derpy voice.

    I have both the mod and the original on my HDD, as well as the DVD.

    (just google “Derpy voice mod”)

    And if I might just point out: We DID win the “Save Derpy” campaign. If you just check WeLoveFine, they kept our version.

  • Kyser

    Don’t give up on the Best Pony ever just yet…Hope springs eternal.

  • There really should have never been any doubt that this is the path they would take on the censorship. It’s only going to continue and pervade deeper into their creation process as time goes on.

    All the episodes we’ve been seeing w/ Derpy were already created when the controversy occurred. I would imagine all post controversy episodes will have less and less and finally no Derpy at all. That pony will remain with ‘normal’ less offensive eyes. But that’s not Derpy.

    At first I was genuinely upset over it because the censorship is actually worse than the original material but Derpy belongs to the fans. Fandom can’t be sued and have to carry a financial liability on it’s balance sheets.

    See, when a corporate entity perceives a liability. i.e. someone threatens to sue over derpy being offensive – they immediately assign a financial value to that perceived liability. It remains on the books for a fiscal year or two.

    My idea and contribution to the Brony Community is I wanted to show you that the reality is their censorship is actually far worse than the original material and if you collectively complained loud enough and created any kind of a perceived liability then you become a tangible line item for them and you get a response.

    I still feel that the writer’s response was somehow sponsored behind the scenes by the company it’s just TOO convenient for them.

    In the end I love the show and I’m a fan – I am not a Brony. You are not what you say you are. You don’t love and you do not tolerate. You’re a highly organized group of trolls from 4chan unfortunately. That’s sad. You could have been so much more.

  • Anonymous

    “Please do not harass Hasbro”


  • #SaveDerpy

    Derpy is there to show that we all have our quirks, to remind us that ((Not to go all Hannah Montanna on you all)) Nopony’s perfect, and we should just smile and laugh at our mistakes. The fact that all of those Trolls who got sand in their panties decided that, if Derpy DID have a mental problem, it shouldn’t be shown on a childrens show because they aren’t perfect enough? Well, screw that shit.

    You tell us to love and tolerate, Chancellor? Well if loving and tolerating means sitting around and doing nothing, I obviously have not a compassionate bone in my Brony body. I could have been so much more? Well, then when I’m successful, I’ll give you a shout out and then you’ll know who ‘that Troll with no compassion’ was.

    I will NOT sit back and watch as people with mental problems are basically told to go sit in the corner. I’ve been in the corner, it’s fucking horrible. By censoring it, it’s like they’re saying ‘if we ignore the ‘undesirables’, they’ll just go away.’ And you people can say what you want, but if anything, YOU’RE the Trolls here.

    Exactly. They just jelly.

    Based on the facts that Derpy is I’m sure a better person than all you Trolls combined, and that stupid people got jealous and decided to go have a panic attack and get our beloved mascot in trouble, I rest my case.