The Leaked Song "Smile Smile Smile"

A song that sounds an awful lot like like Pinkie’s VA has cropped up on Youtube. It’s unconfirmed if it’s legit or not, but it’s certainly a good sounding fake if it’s not!

(DerpySquad:  I’ve reposted the video, its out, its been linked on many non-fan sites, mp3s have been made. Once something is leaked on the net, its never going to go away, no matter what you do.  Yes someone is going to get flack for this, it won’t be Ingram, it will be whoever at Top Draw Animation leaked it.  For the whole story, see the entire article below)

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This is for the people who missed all the drama and such during the afternoon.  The short story is a song was leaked, entitled “Smile Smile Smile” featuring Pinkie Pie.  Its unknown what this 3 minute song is for, be it a new song for Season 2, an unused song from Season 1, or even possibly for a musical CD, or even possible for a live show.  Apparently this leak was unintentional, meaning that it isn’t one of those planned leaks from Hasbro/Hub/Studio B, which is why its no longer featured on either DH or EqD.  Its also spawned some major internet drama, which is either entertaining or just sad, depending on how you look at it.  Here is the chain of events.  (Full Article after the page break).

Late last night someone posted a link to the leaked song in EqD’s Nightly Roundup post.  Over the course of the evening, someone else made a PMV featuring the song.  Around mid-Sunday afternoon the song appeared on Daniel Ingram’s Facebook page, and shortly after was posted on /co/’s MLPGeneral.  Of course shortly after that, the song appeared here on DH and EqD.

About 20 minutes afterwards the song disappeared from EqD, replaced with the “Pinkie Pie Shrugging” picture and nothing else.  We kept our post up for awhile longer, but finally took it down until this mess could be sorted out.

There was rumors of EqD getting a C&D, but of course that is false.  As Seth has said on his own post, he received an e-mail from Ingram himself saying that if he saw the song, not to post it, as it is a leak (of course by this time, it had already been posted).

The source of the leak has been traced back to Top Draw Animation in the Philippines, which is the studio sub-contracted by Studio B & Hasbro for animation work on MLP.  It has also been the source of other leaks, such as the storyboards we got before Season 2, and so forth.  An animators name is attached to the end of the video, Veronica Dela Cruz (confirmed via end credits of the show), but some feel it may have not been her, but more a disgruntled employee possibly trying to screw someone over.

The internet drama part has been the horde of rabid fans who have been bombarding the YouTube channels and any other source which carries the song.  For some reason people fear that this will get Ingram fired and or may hurt the relationship between the fans and Studio B, or even cause other people to get fired.  Its doubtful that Ingram would get fired, considering the leak isn’t even coming from this side of the globe.  If he had leaked it, then he’d probably only get into trouble.  It seems most of the new fans are unaware that we got Winter Wrap Up at least a full day before the episode, and that was the song plus footage for the entire musical scene from the episode.  I am unaware if anyone got in trouble for that.

Ingram has also twittered about people impersonating him (on Youtube comments and such), and says take whatever you read with a grain of salt.

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  • Anonymous

    My bet is it's for the CD. It seems too long and not "plot-advancey" enough to be in the show (but maybe it will be!).
    I am sure it's real though. These things always seem to be. Listen to the instruments and voice.
    Also Ingram deleted it when it was posted on his facebook.

  • KouThan

    Actually seth just deleted his own post, so better be careful.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Can someone send me a link?

  • Lethallin



    Also, this is kinda odd. Song was leaked yesterday. Hmm. I'll try to figure out what else is going on with this stuff.

  • Anonymous

    Never-mind, found it. also I like spoilers.


  • Ekevoo

    Maybe Baby Cakes?

  • Anonymous

    never heard from this i was all day on FB yesterday and this sounds serious i really hope nothing bad happens to Mr. Ingram hes like the soul of the serie without him it could end up really bad for the serie

  • Anonymous

    Heh. It a smile on my face. But in all ceral, I hope that this doesn't ruin someones career.

  • plaster

    I'm going to keep my eye on this. For good reason, apparently people who work on the show and Ingram himself say that they don't really want this out there and want it taken down entirely. Now i'm not gonna go and play Judge Dredd because it reminds me of a similar situation back when Winter Wrap Up was leaked. If anything WWU HELPED more than it did damage.

    And on the other hand, I worry too much about our reputation and don't really want to get anyone mad. So, If you're reading this and you work on the show, or represent it and want this taken down. please contact us through the submissions email and we can work it out. We won't be dicks about it

  • plaster

    And to add to that with one final thought, it's true what DS said. Once its out there once it's not going to disappear, ever. So there's that to look forward to

  • Anonymous

    >we got Winter Wrap Up at least a full day before the episode
    more like a full month actually

  • DerpySquad

    ^ My memory is faded from the early days, a few people had said it was leaked a few days, but my brain said it had been out several weeks.

    As for the video, there has been no official word asking anyone to take it down, outside of a private letter to Seth from EqD. I'll gladly remove it if someone from Hasbro/Hub/Studio B/Ingram etc asks us to. Bottom line, its out there and the damage has been done. Namely someone at Top Draw is goign to get their ass kicked.

  • DerpySquad

    ^ Correct that, a private letter to Seth from Ingram, but EqD of course has a close relationship with the staff and the Hub. Outside a few animators from Studio B who visit the site, we totally independent.

  • Nulono

    "Twittered"? The correct verb is "tweeted".

  • Anonymous

    It's flak not flack. Just saying.

  • Rhe7oric

    That PMV…

    What has science done?!


  • Heavybull

    ok, im not sure what to think of this. its a good song, but doesnt seem like one from a show. its really a "pinkie pie in a nutshell" kinda song and not a "advance the plot" kinda song

  • Jordan

    It's an "image song". TV Tropes article on "Image Song" I'm predicting it's for the/a CD.