MLP – Ab Bb B C by DShou

For those who don’t know, TaoBao is a Chinese website popular for the fact that a lot of prototypes and factory errors of different toy lines (including ponies) pop up there.

New things pop up all the time there and unless they’re really big, I usually prefer not to post them seperately because otherwise I’d flood the whole site. Today I’ll be posting all of the recent prototype ponies I can find! Keep in mind, these may or may not ever be released to the public, and if they are will probably vary from what they look like now.

Suspected “Crystal Empire” ponies

These ponies are generally agreed upon to be part of the upcoming Target exclusive “Crystal Empire” line, which features ponies with all variety of glittery gimmicks (sparkle always does the trick!)

Pinkie Pie, glitter-encrusted and slightly translucent, much like her glitter blind bag

Glitter AJ

Glitter Rarity

And the last of the glitter ponies so far, Fluttershy. Her body seems to be made from glittery plastic rather than being coated in glitter.

Fluttershy with tinsel and gem-shaped eye highlights

Twilight with tinsel and gem-shaped eye highlights

Rainbow Dash with tinsel, gem-shaped eye highlights, and proper RD-shape eyes

Unknown source

These ponies haven’t been identified as being part of any line

AJ with joints and a 3D cutie mark. She has the same gem highlights as the Crystal Empire ponies, but at the moment, sicne she so far doesn’t have a glittery gimmick, I don’t think it’s enough to list her as one. Some people think she might be a new Shine Bright, but she’s too thin to fit the battery and her cutie mark isn’t a button, as some thought at first. She’s a mystery as of now!

Twilgiht with joints and a 3D cutie mark. This picture seems to confirm that he cutie mark is simply molded into her leg and is not a button.

Dash, with the same joints as the other two. However, she’s different in that she has a necklace which looks very much like it could be pressed, and seemingly has no cutie mark.

  • filledwithsolutions

    Maybe the last three ones have wind up cutie marks and their legs flail around like they are trying to walk

  • 8ftmetalhead / NZbrony

    I believe the last one before the weird 3d ones is called ploomette from memory. We have a glimmer wings variant out here.

    • Folly

      That would be correct!
      I’m totally excited to get her without the glimmer wings- they were fitting to her theme, but they take up so much room!

  • moonsugar

    Huh. Very weird.