The Other Brony Documentary

SaberSpark and Paleo Steno by SirPonyLancelot

SaberSpark and Paleo Steno by SirPonyLancelot

In the wake of the no doubt deserved hype around the professional large-scale documentary with John de Lancie, and professional producers and directors, Obsession is Magic reminds us that another documentary seeks funding, and they only need a tenth of what has already been pledged for the de Lancie one.

SaberSpark and Paleo Steno may not have IMDb listings as directors and producers going back into the 90s, but SaberSpark at least completely floored me with his comprehensive documentary Ballad of the Brony back when it came out. Paleo Steno’s complementary work is instead focused on the show itself, and together they run Brony Breakdown, where they have interviewed a number of figures from the fandom. Find all the details here.

Three days ago they posted an update that suggests that they may seek to cooperate with the BronyCon documentary: “I messaged Michael Brockhoff, the head of the Bronycon: The Documentary project (featuring John de Lancie), here on Kickstarter about meeting up at bronycon and he agreed to do so!” Good luck, folks!

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