The Pony Web Directory

With the new season almost in full swing and fans both old and new appearing on the scene, plenty of people are probably pondering where to procure pony provisions. That in mind, I finally figured out what to do with my pony subdomain. After a bunch of tedious hyperlinking, the Pony Web Directory is up, which aims to keep a listing of all notable FiM sites and communities, both official and fan-based.

I’m sure it isn’t quite an exhaustive listing yet, so if there’s any sites or notable artists I’ve missed or should know of, go ahead and put ’em in the comments or shoot it to me at spazz at tryhappy dot net
I was also thinking about registering a domain name for the page, so start spitballin’.

Sorry for the gratuitous alliteration, the words were just sitting there wanting to be typed.

  • Grey Nightmare

    Very good idea :)

  • Night Star

    Christ, that was my project that was discussed as an alternative to Bronies Union. Im gonna have to cancel it then :(. Another one of my projects gone.

  • Spazz

    ^Aw geesh, I didn't mean to step on any hooves. :v

    If you had some specific ideas for it, I'll set up a real domain for this and we can collaborate. Just shoot me an e-mail.

  • Night Star

    Well i was working already on it as Equestria Network with domain . And i was doing that because nobody was doing it till now. Greets.