And the most important news of the Day, seems The Hub has released a promo commercial for the upcoming Season Finale featuring the Royal Wedding and giving some hints as to what this story arc is going to be about. This was first discovered buried deep in the OnDemand system and posted on EqD as a blurry camera video, but I’m sure as the minutes ticked by, they eventually found the official commercial on the Hub’s youtube channel.

[Source: TheHub Facebook]

  • TheLoneLampman

    This is going to be so epic.

  • Ultamia

    Twilight is a Gatling Gun, it is now canon.

  • Unanimous

    lol What did I just watch?

  • Spitszs


  • Anonymous

    the only response I have to this is: lol wut

  • Didn’t anyone get the memo? Season 3 is called:

    My Little Pony: The Clone Wars

  • Mason

    Well this looks interesting.