The Ruckus Reader: Now With Pony

This cropped up yesterday and I know a few of our crew snagged it to check it out, though no major reports on it. The Ruckus Reader produced by Ruckus Media Group is an iPad app aimed for children ages 2 to 6, and is an educational program designed to help children learn to read. Best part is that it can gauge how well your child is doing, and more or less give you a report. The company yesterday released the first of multiple books based on MLP:FiM, and a community member by the name of Coder Brony (runs the Brony Herd Census & State of the Herd Report) actually got to sit down with the Media Group during a product launch dinner (he was invited as he’s attending the Sandbox Summit today as press, a conference about youth and tech/mobile gadgets).

You can read his write up on the product here.

In general the first book is free, then 3.99 a pop. I don’t have an iphone (android user) to check to see if the actual app is free or not. It is currently available for the iPad, though seems future plans will have it on the iPhone (and other iDevices).

[Source: The Round Stable / Coder’s Pony News]


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