The Studly Stallion Stache-Off

The Studly Stallion Stache-Off

FOB Equestria, in collaboration with Dusty Katt from Stay Brony My Friends, has launched a awareness and charity event called The Studly Stallion Stache-Off! This event is essentially our fandom’s participation in what as known as the Movember project. This project is a global effort geared towards developing awareness around prostate and testicular cancer while at the same time helping fund initiatives in education, survivorship, and prostate cancer research. Our appropriately named instance of the Movember project basically follows the same formula as the overarching event (where fine gentlemen such as yourselves take the time and effort to grow, maintain, and sport a most dapper mustache during the month of November!) but with one rather exciting distinction; If your mustache just so happens to be deemed the most magnificent of all the others by a panel of judges, then you have the chance to acquire some rather awesome pony swag courtesy of FOB Equestria and Dusty Katt! Not to mention the title of “Studly Stallion”.

So if you think your man enough to take on prostate and testicular cancer through the cultivation of a fabulous mustache or by donation, then feel free to check out the full press release below for prize details on information on how to participate.

Do you think you’re STALLION enough to join DustyKatt, Steven Magnet and Derpy in the League of Moustaches?

FOB Equestria and DustyKatt from Stay Brony My Friends invites you to a friendly Studly Stallion Stache-off this Movember and to help us promote a better future for mens health through raising awareness, and through charity.

All you have to do is to grow a moustache from scratch throughout the month of November. Our host DustyKatt will throughout the month give you tips and pointers on how to grow and groom your very own moustache worthy of a mans face!

Growing a moustache in November is a long standing tradition the world over called Movember. Every year, millions of men grow moustaches to raise awareness about mens health issues, such as testicular and prostate cancer.

They also help fundraise for the Movember Foundation, who work with other organizations such as LiveStrong.

The Movember Foundation works to change established habits and attitudes men have about their health, to educate men about the health risks they face, and to act on that knowledge, thereby increasing the chances of early detection, diagnosis and effective treatment.

With the Brony fandom consisting mainly of the category “young male”, it’s important that we are aware of the health issues involved with being men.

And it’s important that we participate in causes that help secure our healthy futures, so that we can BRONY ON for many years to come!

Educate yourselves Bronies, help us fundraise on the Movember Brony Network and join us in decorating our upper lips with fine moustaches!

By growing a worthy moustache, you have the chance to win the following:


1st place: 1x SDCC Derpy, 1x “Dr Derpy” colored pencil drawing by Baron Engel
2nd place: 1x Signed Copy of Timeless by Michelle Creber, 1x Pinkie Pie’s Mixed Bag of Pony Merchandise (PPMBPM)

Military Bronies:

1st place: 1x Love and Tolerate poster signed by Faust, Strong and De Lancie, 1x “Dr Derpy” colored pencil drawing by Baron Engel
2nd place: 1x Signed Copy of Timeless by Michelle Creber, 1x Exclusive Blind Bag Pony Collection

Military contestants have their own category due to being limited by uniform regulations.


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