Princess Cadance, Tara Strong and Shining Armor
Princess Cadance, Tara Strong and Shining Armor

So in the next week, I’m expecting a bombardment of Royal Wedding stuff, considering the amount of money and promotion The Hub is putting behind the Season Finale. Today was the big preview party at The Tea House in LA, hosted by Tori Spelling. There was no guest list announced, but our sleuthing has revealed that Tara Strong, Meghan McCarthy and William Anderson were among the people attending. So far there isn’t much news from the event, but I doubt there would be too much to say (unless someone phone recorded the season finale, heh).

We have a few pictures which have cropped up on the internet, one showing the interior of the event, and the screen the finale was watched on. Along with the pictures we also have the new promo commercial for the episode, namely Tori Spelling saying she is hosting the wedding event, and a few new clips. At the moment the commercial has only aired in the end credits of today’s rerun episode, so its low low quality. I’m sure at some point either the Hub or someone with a capture card (Spazz, Xyrotr1, etc) will snag a full copy. I’ve linked two videos, the original coming out of The Round Stable, and then one in which I’ve cropped and zoomed in on the commercial, but be warned its kind of like watching it through a foggy window.

[Update 4/15/12]: A little more detail from William Anderson on the event.

The mlp Bridal shower thing was fun. I got to meet Tara and Meghan and got a bag with a bunch of mlp swag. My daughter came with me. We watched two parter season finale. It looked and sounded pretty good. Couldn’t ‘t hear the mix that well because the sound system was boomy.

Other details: there were games to play and pictures pops with Tara, and cute little drinks and things to eat. Uh. They didn’t say anything about the music or anything, it was all about Tara and Meghan and the staff at the hub. Which I like. I am not good at fandom, was late to te game, as you know, and am not a professional at that kind of thing. – W. Anderson


[ Sources: Twighlite-1, The Round Stable, Twitter, Facebook ]

Note: The original article from the Huffington Post stated the event took place at The Tea House, but apparently they were mistaken. The even took place at a place called Royal/T.

Unrelated it seems the DHX Gang is having their own viewing party at Thiessen’s house. (Sibsy, Big Jim Miller, and Raven)

Zoomed Royal Wedding Commercial

Royal Wedding Commercial captured by CrimsonAuthor/Chronos30 & The Round Stable


  • Omegasmash

    I really have a bad feeling about the wedding.

  • Anonymous

    I dislike how everyone seems to be so pessimistic about this wedding episode. Especially considering what we are watching, it just seems a little hypocritical. I do find it a little weird how the Hub is hyping it up a bunch, but it’s not like this episode will ruin the entire show.

  • naahdude

    I haven’t seen this much hype over an episode since the Season 2 premier and uh…I forgot…did Discord go over well?

  • paul kim

    dear equestria hi its paul i wanted to say wen season two ends i will miss yall in ponyville canterlot cloudsdale everfree forest and everpony who i love always within my heart i will miss watching my little pony hope to see the third season I love yall so much and wish to meet you guys in person or should i say in pony lol well hope u can reply back at and in facebook from ur biggest fan paul aka (zargan) <- this is my pony/brony name

    • Ghostcape

      Hi, Obvious 5 year old.