The Traveling Pony Museum – Road to Seattle Children’s Hospital

The Traveling Pony Museum along with Voice Actor’s of the show are intending to head out to the Seattle Children’s Hospital to bring smiles to sick and injured kids. The Seattle Children’s hospital is united by a compelling mission: to prevent, treat and eliminate pediatric disease. They treat children with life threatening illnesses everyday, some of whom will need risky surgeries.  The Traveling Pony Museum is a collection of artwork of all types from artists within the fandom, big and small, as a showcase to bring to the community who may otherwise not have a chance to see such things in person. We currently have over 40 different artists on board and almost 100 pieces coming in for our summer debut.  To help us achieve our goal of bringing smiles to the children of Seattle, we need to bring the museum across the country. The museum will be attending Everfree Northwest and wants to be able to make the hospital journey as well. Money collected will be used to pay for travel expenses as well as purchasing pony toys to give out to the children.   We have opened a kickstarter to raise money so head on over to check out our efforts with the link below. There are even rewards for donation amounts including one of a kind merch and more! 

Kickstarter Box found here.

As Helen Lovejoy says, think of the children. Plus charity is a good way to cleanse your soul after a Friday night on the town.

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