Someone over on ponychan has gotten exclusive leaked screenshots of the new opening for Season 2! Delicious Luna and Derpy! Catch the thread over HERE.

In other news, the Daniel Ingram interview from 91.8 The Fan will be airing TODAY at 2pm PST, or 4pm CST. I will be listening to either the live broadcast or a recording to get you the good bits and have a writeup for you tonight, Celestia Willing.

Also have some Applejack for your consideration.

  • nh4no3

    Seems that the Ponychan stuff was just trolling.


  • pyritie

    you know, for integrity purposes, not posting rumor stuff would probably help

  • derpymaths

    ^ cmon man, it's a joke. this isn't the CNN world news desk. all in good fun.

  • Plaster

    If I knew this was real news and not obvious trolling it would have garnered at LEAST a full post, not tagged on to some more non-news. Your concern is duly noted and I will try to exercise more professionalism when it comes to this sort of thing in the future.