This Week on Everfree Radio #03

Last week, EverFree Radio released the beginning of a series of belated Season 1 episode reviews, starting with the very first: Episodes 1 and 2. We take you all back to the very beginning, the start of it all, from Twilight’s adorkable beginnings to the fall of Nightmare Moon.

In addition, there’s the whole interview with Tara Strong, the voice of Twilight “Twilightlicious” Sparkle. You know, in case you’re into that. Which you should be! She even confirms that Twilight Sparkle is best pony!

Saturdays @ 6pm CST

Michelle Creber, the voice of Apple Bloom and singing voice of Sweetie Belle, will release a new cover on EFR’s stream every Saturday a few hours after A State of Brony. During this time, she will be on the IRC taking questions and chatting with fans; so be there for that, because it isn’t something you want to miss! Her most recent release is her song Saturday Night, on Saturday Night Songs, hosted on Saturday Nights!

Everfree Radio’s weekly schedule after the page break.

Saturdays @ 3pm CST

To start off on Saturdays, you get a State of Brony, the hour long weekly trance, house, and electro brony music mix developed in the style of Armin Van Buuren’s A State of Trance. Watch for its appearance!

Sundays @ 7pm CST

Radiant Eclipse was fun times last week, and look forward to it again! Go to the linked page and watch for our upload of the episode to come soon.

Mondays @ 7pm CST

DustyKatt brought on special guest Aviators to talk about his music and unfortunate choice in plural name. A special surprise guest appearance is present, as well!

Wednesdays @ 7pm CST

Season 2 pilot of Equestria Inquirer, and Twilight Sparkle apparently hates happy, fluffly footwear.

Thursdays @ 7pm CST

Catch Sketchy’s live show on EFR’s livestream next week! There is no episode for this one, you can only get it live; so join us for some musical sets next Thursday!

Fridays @ 6pm CST

Every Friday, Queen Nightmare Moon takes over EFR’s shoutcast stream to play a live mix of music, much of which is requested by you! So stop in and join us, chat in the IRC with other listeners, and request some songs. Fun will be had, because the Queen demands it!

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