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This week on Everfree Radio: (Behind the page break)

Sundays @ 7pm CST

Radiant Eclipse is a modular, segment-based talkshow produced by The Vanacus Blog exclusively for EverFree Radio. Every week features a special guest. Some of them are well known by our community, as well as many other talented Bronies you never knew existed! Our program offers relevant news and comical trivia. When you tune in, you’ll be just as entertained as you are informed. We select the most interesting topics so you don’t have to!

Six months ago, our friends released a commentary called “Bronies React”. From its success, we made a blog and created the VanaCast review series, gaining experience with every episode we produced. Then came Equestrian Tides, and as our skills improved we made more friends and learned new ways of providing the content you all know and love. Everything we’ve accomplished so far has brought us where we are today. And there’s no signs of stopping!

Mondays @ 7pm CST

This live show will feature interviews with people in the Brony community as well as a bit of comedy thrown in to the mix and surprises sprinkled in for spice.

Join Dustykatt, also known as “The Manliest Brony in the World” as he spins tails of manliness and mustache care. Watch him walk the tightrope of a live telecast with all the grace of Daring Do!

With him will be his sidekick Screwball, who will be your IRC moderator and helpful (if not a little on the weird side) pegasus pony. We’re sure Screwy will keep things in line, kind of… we hope! So join us!

Wednesdays @ 7pm CST

Joe Stevens is the founder, editor, ladle owner and head taco manufacturer of the Equestria Inquirer. He is also the founder of the Gravy Inquirer, which uncovered the true events of the world of Ed, Edd, and Eddy in Peach Creek. Using a teleportation device discovered in Ed’s garage, Joe has traveled to Equestria on a mission to reveal the true nature of the world of ponies.

Of course, being a human being has its drawbacks in such a world. But not to worry, as Joe was able to convince Princess Celestia he is actually a rare sub-species of a hairless marmoset. This has not only given Joe Stevens and the EQI staff protection as an endangered species, but has afforded him tax exemption status and a special parking space in Canterlot.

Using his ill-gotten protected status, utilizing bribes, blackmail, and an unending supply of Unreliable Sources, the Equestria Inquirer has made it its mission to reveal the truth about Equestria. Joining forces through the portal between Earth and Equestria (located in Humansville, MO) is TechRat, Battlefield Bro, Freddy Baxter, and a plethora of other characters and unwanted guests.

This news program is broadcast live to the homes of ponies from Ponyville to Stalliongrad, along with a few pirated stations on Iceland and a government-sanctioned spy channel in the People’s Republic of China. We bring you the hard-hitting stories, from the revelations of Twilight’s anti-union magic policies to the continuing conflict of Rainbow Dash’s declaration as a Weapon of Mass Destruction and her defiance of the Equestrian Armed Forces. Stories like these, and some pony named Ivan, are what the Equestria Inquirer will bring every Wednesday, here on Everfree Radio!

Thursdays @ 7pm CST

Multi-talented brony musician Sketchy Sounds performs a 2 hour live set of acoustic music, covering songs from both the fandom and Friendship is Magic. Drop into the Everfree Radio Chat via the Combined Viewer to make requests for songs you’d like to hear played!

For a list of pony songs Sketchy Sounds can currently perform or is in the process of learning, visit his song book.

Oh, and please don’t be disappointed if you request a song and he can’t play it: his repertoire is growing on a fairly regular basis, so chances are he should be able to pick it up before long. Also be on the lookout for the occasional premiere of new songs here and there. You just never know when he might sing something the world hasn’t heard yet!

In addition to being aired on our LiveStream, Sketchy Sounds also has his own Justin TV channelwhere you can catch him playing.

Fridays @ 6pm CST

Greetings all my faithful subjects! Your Eternal and Beloved Queen, NightmareMoon, has conquered over the tyrannical rule of Celestia and the EverFree Staff to bring about a new age of music! Yes, my subjects, the Lunar Republic has taken over and now we shall sow the seeds of wub and awesome amongst the masses of ponies awaiting our jurisdiction!

It has been so long since I’ve last dropped the bass. Use the chat or the request system to send your Queen your favorite brony tracks, and I will play them for all of Equestria to hear! Soon, all shall know the superiority of the Lunar Republic!

The Lunar Republic Takeover is DJ’d by Heat Wave, also known as our Eternal Queen of the Night NightmareMoon.

Saturdays @ 3pm CST

A State of Brony is a trance, house, and electro brony music set featuring original and inspired music from the show including original music by Thorinair. Inspired by Armin van Buuren’s, A State of Trance, we bring to you a show which emphasizes on the fantastic creations put forth by the brony community.

Saturdays @ 6pm CST

Premiered on our ShoutCast stream and released on our site in video form after airing.
Join Michelle Creber (the voice of Apple Bloom and singing voice of Sweetie Belle) as she premieres a brand new song cover every week. Additionally, the winners of her “Name the Song” contest on Facebook will be announced, and Michelle Creber herself will be in our IRC chat during the show to talk to the listeners!

The track premiered during the show will also be available for purchase on Michelle’s CDBaby account for only $0.99. A portion of the proceeds from the sales will be donated to the Because I am a Girl charity, so in addition to getting the track you will also be contributing to a good cause.

Visit the links below for updates on Michelle’s projects, contests, and more.

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