Filly Lyra for TeiThePony by Dori-to

Filly Lyra for TeiThePony by Dori-to

And welcome to the off season of MLP, folks. I realized last night that a fair share of people joined up right at the end of the last off season, or during season 2. It also makes me feel old. Depending on what park bench you sit on and listen, you might have heard about the horrors of last summer, and there were none. Some of the local prophets this year are predicting other things for this summer, and on one hand they are correct. Last year this community was just a settlement; this time last year was when the population started to go into overdrive, and that pretty much occupied the summer, outside of Nyx. I doubt this summer will be any different. The only thing is that we’re no longer that tiny settlement; we’ve grown into some metropolis that is indeed built from neighborhoods. We’ve said that before here, we’re a community under the banner of watching ponies, but we’re a vast network of various sites and smaller communities. And with that comes drama.

My motto for the off season. Go outdoors, and enjoy some fresh air.

As for DHN, for a site that pretends to do show news (to quote that one guy), I’m pretty sure things will be slowing down. In the recent months we’ve aimed more and more for just the show and community news, and there hasn’t been much of either, especially now that season 2 is over. Like hawks we will be listening for anything about season 3, but Hasbro was tight lipped last year about S2, and that was before they really got tight lipped around the community (before that they hadn’t really noticed us too much). But if that means a post on here actually means something, I’m okay with that. Outside of being slow, we plan on doing some work on this site, and some other projects we’ve had boiling, and more or less prepare for round 3.

Now for some semi-pony related stuff.

New Super Best Friends Forever this Saturday

Lauren Faust recently left a comment on her DeviantArt page about the next SBFF short coming up during Cartoon Network’s DC Nation Block (10–11 a.m. PST). This one focuses on Supergirl, with a special guest appearance by a certain Kryptonian cousin of hers. A preview clip is available here.

Otafest 2012 Announces Andrea Libman as a Special Guest

Otafest 2012 is a anime convention that takes place May 18th through the 20th in Calgary, Alberta, Canada at the Science Theatres, University of Calgary. They have just recently announced special guest of honor, Andrea Libman. Outside of Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy, Ms. Libman has done voice work in ReBoot (young AndrAIa), Chi-Chi in Dragon Ball, and Mileina Vashti in Mobile Suit Gundam 00.

San Diego Comic Con – Design Your Own Pony

The San Diego Comic Con is having a design your own pony contest with the ending results that it could be made into a real figure that will be revealed at this year’s Comic-Con International. Personally I say push for a background character, rather than someone’s oc donut steel.

[Source: My Little Pony News]

DHX Careers Still Looking for Flash Builders

The only downside is you have to live in Vancouver, or at least be willing to pick up and relocate. This is also the second time they’ve posted this, so sounds like they’re not getting that many applications.