Oh boy, here we go again.  Article from Time Magazine entitled “The Top 10 Everything From 2011” or something to that degree.  MLP Fandom comes in at #9 which is not surprising, since no matter where you go or talk to, there seems to be something pony related.

Its your stereotypical article, picture that is utterly unrelated, not even sure if these are MLP ponies, and basically feels the fandom is based off nothing more than one giant meme.  Pffft.

  • Anonymous

    Those do look like MLP ponies, but from Gen 1. They should have coupled with with a screenshot from FiM, for comparison.

  • DerpySquad

    Really? I don't remember Gen 1s looking like that, maybe it was G2s I'm thinking of.

  • Anonymous

    Looking at the other numbers, I'm not sure our ordering as #9 means much. The comments requesting an image change on the Time site are disappointing. It's MLP, the first image that people associate with that is earlier generations — so the choice made sense to me.

  • plaster

    they're freaking out because they don't want people to know they are associated with the earlier generations

  • DerpySquad

    *looks at comments on Time article*

    Mother of god.

    I really don't want to get into it, but its this shit that really makes me embarrassed to be associated with these people. Outside of the "you must change the image cause its not accurate" there's also a comment that congratz TIME magazine for getting onto the front page of EqD. When did it become some sort of honor to be on the front page of that place?

    Some people wonder why I don't want to be called a brony, which is kind of sad, the term had a general meaning of an adult male who watched the show, but its become so tainted over the fanatics who make MLP a lifestyle rather than a hobby that I see more and more people distancing themselves from the term. Been that way for eons now on /co/, all you gotta do is call someone a brony and the entire room goes ackwardly silent, until the one burly guy stands up and goes…

    "What did you say?!"

    But man oh man, the comments here, and pretty much everywhere from the general population of this community. Ugh.

  • InfinityDash

    Ugh, indeed. I love most of this fandom but I wish people wouldn't go batshit crazy over every little thing like this.

    I completely agree with you, DerpySquad. It's a fandom. I'm a fan. You're a fan. We're all fans. Of a fun, colorful cartoon that brings us happy feelings. I'm not ashamed of that part. But it's when people treat it as some infallible cult or exclusive society of "love an tolerance" that I'm embarrassed to be a "brony."

    Feels bad, man.
    Looking forward to the Spike episode tomorrow cheer me up. And Derpy is currently walking directly in front of the text box.

  • derpymaths

    > congrats to time for making it onto eqd


  • Anonymous

    DerpySquad, you read my mind. "Brony" stopped meaning merely "someone outside of MLP's target demographic who likes MLP anyway" a long time ago, at least within the context of the fandom. And now that the media has caught on, they've discovered that a sizeable chunk of bronies take their fondness for the show way too far and way too seriously. That's why everyone at /co/ prefers to be referred to as "ponyfags" these days.

    It's just a cartoon. It's not a fucking religion.

  • DerpySquad

    Its a hard subject, I've actually pondered bringing it up as a full article, but I really am not a fan of pissing in people's cornflakes, and this site tends to be a melting pot between all sides, and I try to keep the place like Sweden, in the middle and neutral.

    But we've seen this disassociation from people using the term brony coming for awhile, August is when it really started to happen. Of course /co/ was the first to drop it, and that happened way back in February when brony turned into /b/rony and /co/ became /co/lts (which of course didn't take). Plaster said it good, that's when the cracks began to form, shit, even before the fandom had fully formed. But since August I've noticed it more and more outside of /co/ (and most people don't catch that I haunt the MLPGs frequently, I just haunt as an anon rather than a name/trip).

    But its also true of any group, the loudest and most public side of the group is the one that gets the spotlight, its like assuming all Muslims are hardcore haters looking to destroy anything about western civilization, when most just want to live their lives and practice their religion peacefully. It just happens the loudest part of their religious members is what the media likes to showcase.

    But what I've noticed in the past several weeks is the development of despair about the community itself, and its not unwarranted. Its pretty bad when EqD has to post up about episode commentary because people are going too far, and I just hope that people realize there is more to this community than just EqD and these hardcore brony communities. That is why I keep this place going rather than throwing in the towel. We get about 3k to 4k pageviews a day, about 25k unique visits per month which is nothing to sneeze about. But I consider this place as a place someone who is a fan, and not a fanatic can come and look around the community.

    I just hope Studio B and the fans who are getting really discouraged do know there is more out there than just the fanatics.

  • DerpySquad

    And I really need to stop starting my paragraphs with "but".

  • Anonymous

    Hell, I wish MY webpage got 3k views per day.

    You guys are doing a good job here. Keep this site focused on the show, first and foremost, and you'll always be relevant.

  • plaster

    that's why we set up a second blog for fanmade stuff

  • Anonymous

    Keep doing what you're doing. Thanks to this blog I haven't had to go to EqD in months. And honestly it's gotten to the point where I'm scared of what I might find if I did.

  • Anonymous

    It's good to see someone (that's right someONE, we're people, not ponies) running a sane fansite in this fandom.

    I wouldn't mind reading an article about the abysmal state of the fandom. Though I'm the crotchety type that loves reading rants.

  • plaster

    people come here to avoid the drama, (yes i get comments in my email so i hear them right away. Hence the quick response) But that can be arranged. I'm ready to release the krakken