Time Off, A Comic Series

This one is incomplete at the moment, but ExplosiveGent is putting together a series of comics depicting what he believes the Mane 6 does in their free time off camera.

The first page titled Threading the Arrow shows Rarity, practicing her Archery! Which actually seems quite sophisticated to me now. 

“Rarity, while far less powerful a unicorn than Twilight, does possess a fairly impressive ability to focus and concentrate her magic on much more nimbler tasks. Using small finer points of magic, she can manipulate multiple items and tools at once while crafting her dresses, demonstrating the enormous dextrous control she has over her magic.”

The second page Fear of Falling, features Rainbow Dash doing what she does best, napping… and dreaming.

 “…Not since the Best Young Flyers Competition however, after having fulfilled her lifelong desire to recreate the Sonic Rainboom from her childhood, after heroically saving both her best friend and her heroes, and spending a whole day with said heroes, did the very real and very daunting question begin to creep in: “what now?…”

 I will add the others, in possibly another post or just bump this post when they and myself are available.

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