This post is heavily loaded with controversy and opinions. I hope that many of my points are valid ones and my sentiments on this matter are echoed on both sides of the community.

That’s why I will hide it behind a break. So that unsupecting viewers aren’t privvy to the sheer wall of text that lies beyond it. And oh yeah, I curse like a longshoreman in here.

With the recent shitstorm thats been taking place on 4chan with the numerous bannings all over, especially on /co/ (again). Not to forget the quality of the discussion in the perilous in between the seasons drought. I will exercise my right to make an opinion post.

I know there’s pretty much been a constant string of Pony General Threads since at least november and the train had only been interrupted a few times. Maybe it’s time to take a hint from our peers and hang it up for a little bit? Take a break? I dunno, I love discussing ponies as much as the next guy but I personally (and im not alone in this sentiment) think that we’re simply out of things to discuss. There hasn’t been any news recently and I can assure you that all the stuff we’ve been posting and all the stuff I’ve seen sethisto post (not including the Daniel Ingram and Building of a Scene posts) have been nothing but desperate filler to keep the interest alive. I can’t and won’t tell him to stop as well because I honestly don’t care what he does. He can stop whenever he wants, but until then he’s getting something out of this whole deal if he’s still doing it after all the complaining he’s done.


We’ve gotten to the point where we are chomping at the bit for some sort of drama against the “other side of the fanbase” as there is a visible rift forming right down the middle. Ponychan knows it, and /co/ knows it.. Unfortunately there’s no island in the middle where normal people hang out because all the normal people are focusing on other things right now, don’t be hatin, you know it to be true.

It seems the rift is Ponychan+EqD+/b/ vs. FiMChan+DH+/co/. I’ve been trying to step back and look at these at a neutral position, but considering my heavy involvement and beginnings on the /co/ side I just can’t. But Ponychan knows of the rift and /co/ knows of this as well.

For the sake of the fanbase and saving ourselves from something horribly stupid I honestly think we collectively should take a breather, step back and evaluate just what is going on. I feel that both sides of the fanbase have their major faults on opposing sides of the spectrum. (Hugboxing vs Sex with Ponies, etc.) I know that nothing will fix the damage already done and I damn sure know that this won’t change shit but it needed to be said before the shitstorm unleashes its fury in every direction.

I know there are little cliques of friends within the fanbase, I understand that you want to keep in touch with them but seriously guys, that’s what chat programs are for. There are multiple IRC channels you can hang out in and discuss ponies freely with friends #cloudsdale on rizon for the /co/ crowd and #mylittlepony on irchighway for the bronies. Im in both of them.

I want people to discuss this in the comments because shits going down whether we like it or not, FiMChan is pretty much dead and Ponychan isn’t an option for most of you. This shit needs to be sorted out, I don’t want to have this end horribly. Infighting has and can kill anything if left unchecked. (In b4 mentions of my “beef” with EqD, hypocrite, etc.)

State of the General Threads

I can safely say that majority of the “sick” posts in pony threads are trolls and people working VERY hard to kill us from the inside. There’s no way to stop it from happening though. All those posts on other boards with pony spam? Trolls trying to get people annoyed at us and hate us more. I must commend them on their work as they have done a fine job up to this point. But goddamn, get a life. Just because you’re angry that some guys on the internet like something you don’t like doesn’t mean you should get your tits in a twist and try to mastermind some plot to take them down. It’s gotten to the point where I can’t even tell what is trolling and what is genuine.

It is good to see some of the long standing tripfags still around though. Feels good to know that I’m not alone in being this obsessed with a show. 

I know a dead site is a bad site and that’s what killed this place once already. I won’t let that happen again but I honestly can’t promise anything due to the sheer lack of anything of importance going on. Is it the calm before the season 2 storm? I dunno, but I sure as hell want there to be a fandom left by the time it airs.

  • Anonymous

    Well said!

  • Anonymous

    The day /co/lts started acting like /b/tards.


    Just saying.

  • Anonymous

    anyone who uses trixie avatars is automatically sethisto. blame him

  • Anonymous

    oh, I'm sorry were we arguing?

  • Anonymous

    ok, I admit I'm new to the fanbase in general, and I just want to know what the whole 'sides' to this fandom are supposed to be. You seem pretty objective to the whole thing so you might have the best grasp on what the hell is going on.

  • Anonymous

    I think we all should take a break until season 2.

  • Shimmer

    Ya know, I didn't know that Derpyhooves was on the '/co/' side. Never was a big concern to me. Anyways, I'm a ponychanner, but I'm also very objective about this whole shitstorm. I know why each side doesn't like each other. I've tried to make amends before, but really, nothing happens.

    What I've found is that the best place for me to go to get away from all this bullshit is the derpyhooves chatroom. I'd say it's a very neutral place; that 'island' you mentioned. I'm riding out the wait till season 2 there.

    Let's hope that people can just be reasonable. All this drama llama has made the 'fandom' crap for now.

    ~Derpychat admin, Shimmer~

    (and thanks for hosting the chat.)

  • 8ftmetalhead

    I don't get it, where's this drama coming from?
    I don't go to /co/ normally and I haven't even glanced at /b/ for months now.
    I check DH and EQD and ponychan in a cycle whenever I fancy, and I don't notice much drama when I visit any of them.
    Sure there's a load of trolls, but hell, they're easy enough to ignore. I might have bitched a bit on that EQD post where people took issue with the appearance of some bronies, but I haven't seen that since.

    I even checked #mylittlepony for the first time last night and it seemed fine.

    tl;dr I think people are overreacting to stupid things on the internet?

    There's certainly alot of amusing content coming out, and a surprising amount of news coming out.

    I guess the main problem is certain people here seem to not have anything better to do with their time?

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  • VioletYoshi

    Just because shit is going down at 4Chan does not mean the entire fandom is going down. There are THOUSANDS of fans of MLP FiM from different countries, and many of them found out about these sites via places other than 4Chan. Stay Calm, Pony on!

  • Anonymous

    @Anonymous August 15, 2011 6:10 PM

    I said that on /co/, but they'd assume that I was from Ponychan.


  • 8ftmetalhead

    I saw ponies on 4chan, and ignored them. I then saw them on e621, then I tracked down a thread on 4chan.
    I guess technically I found ponies via 4chan, but I've only ever posted about them on EQD and ponychan (and i think a few times on FIM chan?)

    There's certainly a number of people I know that like things that came from 4 chan but have no clue what 4 chan is. Fandoms can evolve quite happily from their roots and still retain much of their original quality, if not improve on it. (hell, 4 chan is known for terrorism and child porn in some circles thanks to /b/, I think losing the label might be positive in some cases?

    But meh, no matter what happens I won't stop liking ponies.

  • Anonymous

    Tripfag McGee was just banned from /co/ and a mod warned all /co/lts about metafaggotry.

  • Fred: Trap Lover

    man i don't give a fuck

  • DerpySquad


    What Fred said, along with the anon pointing out its a show about marshmallow ponies.

  • Night Star

    Since im hated on Ponychan+EqD+/b/+/v/+FiMChan+/co/ i am in a privileged position to be Neutral as hell on this matters. Sadly since i was banned from 4chan at beginning of this year, im not there anymore, and no other chan since Ponychan hated my ideas, ideas that are now COLLAB PROJECTS and fun stuff in there. So i lurk on ponibooru and bronybooru.
    Nevertheless yup, i agree there is "factions" engaging in a silent war, perhaps they dont even know which side are they or maybe they dont consider themselves to be in a "side", but trith is that they arem by supporting actions of some party, they choose sides even without knowing.
    This is not goof for the Fandom, and thats why im trying to take the fandom out of this wars.
    Luckly i had some results since on Facebook i have at least 6000 people without sides chosen that only care about ponies and ponified-media wheerever it comes from. And another 4000 people that visit EqD for the news but have no real allegiance with them or with other sites mentioned here. For all of us Bronies in Social Networks, our pic home is PoniBooru and Bronybooru, our media home is Youtube, and our hanging area is yaridovich/johnfreeman on synchtube or some ponychat not belonging to any affilliation to those "factions". You forgot to mention also the factions outside 4chan stuff. And thats also another stuff to fear.
    As neutral point, i say: Take some rest from ponies, from pony stuff, from allegiance that focus on fame or money, from hunting content and staying updated 24/7 on this fandom. Enjoy some videogames, tv, movies or family time instead.
    And if you dont feel lke to carry on on this stuff i invite you to be part of the "ignorance"(blessing) in which i and 6000 bronies live on daily basis just enjoying the content without taking sides to one or other side of those factions. I know this may cause hate against me on here but nevertheless i need to share this: http://broniesforever.deviantart.com/journal/41940711/ and also http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?uid=201110553264215&topic=263

    Spreading Friendship and tolerance, that what we should do, not impossing it or creating shitstorms everywhere just cause 2.

    ~NightStar(Bronies on Social Networks Admin).

  • Pyritie

    >#mylittlepony on irchighway
    I always thought THAT was the /co/ chat, and #brony on geekshed or whatever was the /b/ one?

    @Night Star
    >Spreading Friendship and tolerance, that what we should do