A bunch of new prototypes have been popping up.

First, this new Pinkie Pie that was bought by So Silver. She’s made of a bright, translucent plastic like the newest wave of blind bags. There’s no on-the-market translucent ponies in G4 in this size, though Hasbro played around with some glittery translucent prototypes before.

A bunch of tinsel-haired prototypes were found as well.

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These ponies have thread-like sections of tinsel in their hair. It’s reminiscent of the decorative roaches some Native American tribes have.

They also have mane and tail colors different from the normal figures. All of these figures hint at there being a potential line or set of all these ponies.

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There’s ponies with the more classic “metal” tinsel as well. They also have non-normal colors in their hair. Interestingly, Sunset Shimmer is included as well.

18_zpsa709fccaFinally, there’s a very pretty Celestia variant with tinsel and glittery gold horn, boots, cutie mark and wing tips. Her collar/necklace is the same as every other release, which looks odd, but it’s possible that it’s just a random accessory that a factory worker grabbed.



  • Anonymous

    Im guessing this is all someohow an important part of S4

  • Wow. That Celestia is *beautiful*! It almost makes me want to buy some gold glitter and spruce up my current one.

  • aimee

    the first pinky looks like it has cuitymark on both sides