A villain has arrived! by Sherbeht

A villain has arrived! by Sherbeht

We’ve reported on the release schedule for the Crystal Empire DVD (December 4, 2012), but up until now the episode listing was not known. As Equestria Daily reports, Shout! Factory has now posted it on their website. It’s hidden behind the break.

The Shout! Factory page (link according to Equestria Daily) is unfortunately unreachable at this time (and not yet in the caches of several search engines), but the data is corroborated by an independent post that has probably been published earlier and that provides more context than the Equestria Daily post.

  • The Crystal Empire, Part 1
  • The Crystal Empire, Part 2
  • Sonic Rainboom
  • Luna Eclipsed
  • It’s About Time

In Adventures in the Crystal Empire, a magical empire has suddenly appeared in the arctic north of Equestria, and PRINCESS CELESTIA needs TWILIGHT SPARKLE and her friends to find a way to protect it. While her friends try to keep the Crystal Ponies occupied at the Crystal Faire, TWILIGHT SPARKLE searches for the hidden Crystal Heart that is the key to keeping their empire safe from harm!


  • Citrus Rain

    This villain looks like a jerk.

    I’ll be amazed if he measures up to Discord.

  • WesWolf

    That villain better be voiced by someone like George Takei

  • Articulous

    I hope Lord Donut Steel doesn’t actually show up in it, he’s ridonkulous (and not in a good, Discordy way, either)

  • Anonymous

    A magical land appears in the frigid north? What is this, My Little Pony does Brigadoon?

    Because that would be fantastic.

    *Especially* if it’s a full-fledged musical.

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