Favorite Cousins by DeadParrot22

Favorite Cousins by DeadParrot22

Title: Keep Calm and Flutter On
Air date: January 19, 2013

Sorry for not being the first on this sort of thing—for once. Yesterday, Equestria Daily posted photos of a device labelled “Wii U.” With several commenters reporting that they’ve been unable to find it on theirs, we refrained from posting, but later in the night (in my timezone), when I was already asleep, Meghan McCarthy confirmed the veracity of the title on Twitter.

I chose not to put the episode number in the title, because it might be cause of confusion. We already know the title of episode 10 in production order, but what the Wii U shows is most likely the broadcast order. It is possible that this is actually the missing 8th episode. We might know more once Zap2it publishes the synopsis.

  • Gontlemon

    “device labelled “Wii U.””
    im confused here…do you somehow not know what a WiiU is, dont know about the TVii service, or youre saying it could hve been faked on the gamepad?

    • I’m not well-versed in game-related things, but I looked it up afterwards.

      • Gontlemon

        Thats wild. Also a bit concerning. Nintendo isnt really hitting their mark if someone connected enough to be writing for a website doesnt know that it even exists.

        Anyways, thanks for clarification, im interested in observing how far the product’s advertisement effort permeates the masses, so this is interesting to discover!

        • Haha. No TV, no radio, ad blocker, not part of any gaming communities, …. I guess I must be a pretty hard target for their advertisement efforts.

          (Except, I occasionally watch the ads during poni on a livestream, and they could also try billboards.)

          • Gontlemon

            Now that you say that..I dont think ive ever seen a game system advertised on a billboard. I guess you ARE hard to get to, And now I have to wonder how many there are like you out there.

          • Anonymous

            wow there is a person who didnt hear about some crappy game system that prolly sux anyway. as a person who writes for a site which has literally nothing to do with this, you should be ashamed!

          • Ah good, I wasn’t the only one thinking that as I caught up on the comments.