Im sorry did you say something ?? I was bubbling
by ~Asher12

Remember back in the day when TLC actually showed educational shows and not programming for middle aged housewives? Just like how the History Channel use to show documentaries about history and not shows about pawn shops and junk dealers. Those were the days (that I never watched).

Well a show on TLC by the name of My Crazy Obsession is currently trolling around community sites looking for a brony or two to go on their show. The show itself is one that enjoys highlighting the negative aspects of people’s hobbies. For example, they’d rather show some crazy cat lady living in a half rotting house filled with 500 cats and several inches of feces than a person who has adopted a large number of cats in a clean home and save them from certain death at the shelter. Positive television…

This isn’t their first attempt, as they went around last October in an attempt to find someone, but obviously came away empty handed. So if you see someone posting something about being on a TLC show, avoid it. Remember if you see someone from TLC, just start screaming STRANGER DANGER.

  • Jody Morgan

    The Learning Channel is where I first watched James Burke’s “Connections”, 8.5 hours of the best TV I’ve seen. How the mighty have fallen…

  • Alan J. Zeni Jr.

    Do you suppose I could get on there and troll the shit out of _them_? I’m pretty damn good. :3

    • Edwin, Inventer of Classicalobilly Funk

      Unless you live in an immaculate mansion, and are perfectly manicured with no strange mannerisms, they’ll find some angle to take advantage of.

    • Anonymous

      They can refuse your application if you’re too good.
      Also the show isn’t live, so they can always just not air it

    • derpymatic
  • sperk_biscuits

    An casting call for a similar production, to be aired on a “MAJOR CABLE NETWORK” popped up recently on the bronies facebook page, this time from a casting company called L.A. Bella-Tini. I did some research on them, and they have casted for other shows that ended up on tlc. This would seem to be a warning sign, as it could be a way of TLC reaching out a hand in invitation without even showing its face. I would avoid like the plague anything sporting the name “L.A. Bella-tini” or “Colossus Collections” (the supposed name of the show they’re casting for).

  • Derpy T. Hooves

    It would be funny if there was someone on My Crazy Obsession was addicted to MLP stuff. Well, pretty much all of us who go to this site are, ao that’s not so crazy, now is it? Oh, and on eBay I bidded the winning $750.00 for the 4 foot derpy custom made, hand painted collectible. Yayz! :)