Barring the glaring pixels, mistag, centered text, lack of any emotion in the post, it not showing up in ANY feeds, rumors of season 3 being almost finished, Studio B now being DHX Media, confirmation from EqD Staff that it’s fake and definitely NOT seeing it on CNN. I wanted to take the time to put this one to bed, I saw it flying around tumblr just now and there are people believing it and saying that it’s not up on EqD right now because “it was taken down because it generated too much drama”. So, straight from an informed mouth, THIS IS FAKE. Thank you, carry on with your day.


Update: tracked this “prank” down to the guy who runs the “F*ck-no-my-little-pony” tumblr. Go yell at him or something.

  • Caos

    so close to has a heart attack O.o

  • Makes me wonder about the source..
    Clearly Seth cannot trust his sources.

    • JiiKoo

      Meh, the point was that this is a photoshop-job, not a real post on EqD.

    • Yeah, this is just a poor man’s photoshop job.

      For the record, sites with RSS feeds like DHN, EqD and such, the second you post something, it goes over the RSS feed. Far as I know, you cannot delete that, thus if EqD had posted something like this and deleted it, people with RSS readers would still see it.

  • FlutterToes

    Phew. My heart sank for a moment, then.

  • Spookydan7

    >No rating

    Yeah I can totally see how people can believe this…

  • doozier

    Oh sweet zombie jesus…
    This post was the first I’d heard of this, and I looked at the screencap before reading about how it was fake.

    Probably healthy to have such a pony Memento Mori, but damn, my heart’s going like I just ran a seven-minute mile…

  • Clearly we are dealing with a master of Photoshoppery.

  • Jordan

    I totally missed and avoided this. Never caught wind of it until just now, when the BronyShow mentioned this page in their writeup for episode 45.