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Yes, I know very unrelated to the world of ponies.

I’m an animation fan for many reasons. Modern television is crap, and has been since the turn of the century. Yes there are some interesting shows but the onslaught of “reality tv” made me hate most shows in general. If I want reality, I’ll gladly step outside my door and look at it. As a kid I was all about the Disney Afternoon series which included such classics like Duck Tales, Goof Troop, Darkwing Duck, Tale Spin and of course towards the end Gargoyles. After that there was a pretty long period of nothingness, until I discovered Toonami. Toonami in turn also got me into watching other “classics” such as Dexter’s Lab and the Powerpuff Girls. Good times.

April 1st of this year, Adult Swim pranked us by running a mock up of Toonami, using footage from the last version of the show and adding in some new stuff such as a bump for next weeks episode of Bleach, and even reviewed a game. The people shouted they wanted the show back, and Adult Swim has listened.

On May 26th 2012, Toonami Is Back Bitches. No information on what they are playing, but still, TOM and the Absolution return to dazzle our minds and entertain us late night people.

Again, I know its not pony related, but damn it, a cheer must be let off.

Welcome back TOM, we have missed you.

PS: DHN Art Challenge – Draw TOM as a pony.

  • Anonymous

    This is totally pony related.

    Without Toonami, a lot of us wouldn’t have watched PPG. That show paved the road for many to even bat an eye at this sort of cartoon in the first place. Foster’s Home also introduced a lot of us to Lauren Faust.

    Personally speaking, the moment I saw Faust’s name was attached to MLP:FIM, I jumped on it. If I’d not been familiar with those two shows beforehand, I probably wouldn’t have even given it a chance.

  • fett101

    “Modern television is crap”

    Everybody in every generation has said that. Nostalgia means you remember the gold and forget the crap.

  • StereoPony

    Glad Toonami is back, and CN/AS continue to be my favorite network along with the HUB, not only do I have Adventure Time, Regular Show, Thundercats, Young Justice & Cartoon Planet, but now I also have Toonami to watch once more. CN/AS, you keep on rocking! And of course will give me something to tide me over until Season 3 of MLP starts on the HUB, lol.

  • PoniesIsAwesome

    I hate to say it, but I’m not impressed at all with this news from the minute I heard about it.

    Toonami ended for a reason. It wasn’t an important, marketable force anymore, certainly not the way it used to be, and had gotten well and truly old and past it’s time.

    And since it’s been gone, the industry that revolved around 99% of the shows it aired has changed and altered drastically.

    Let’s not forget that Toonami, was first and foremost a big basic cable commercial for, then, up and coming anime shows that hadn’t yet reached a mainstream audience. Gundam Wing, Dragonball Z, Yu Yu Hakusho, Outlaw Star, Cowboy Bebop, ect.

    Anime hadn’t yet permeated the mainstream and taken it over completely and it was Toonami’s aim to do that. Since then, over the course of years, they succeeded. It was a big commercial for the related uncut and unedited DVD’s of said shows that would slowly come out around that same time, and it was these same shows that would come and go through airings, and be re-run for years. They would try to add something new, but they became less and less important to the industry it helped get off the ground, becuase that industry was overshadowing it.

    It devolved into just a long series of reruns of the same shows, and it just wasn’t marketable anymore, which is why it eventually, as all good things do, ended.

    But since Toonami has been off the air, as I alluded to earlier, the entire industry has changed massively. All the shows Toonami helped get off the ground have become major mainstream juggernauts. Combine this with the current era of uncut, not-safe-for-tv versions of Toonami’s classic big hitters being instantly available on everything from Netflix to iTunes, to Xbox Live, DVD’s Blu-Ray’s, and easily obtainable in many formats, it’s clear why Toonami went the way of the Dodo and why it stayed that way.

    Because no matter the novelty of a nostalgic programming block returning, as long as it remains the same as it was, and just amounts to the same reruns of the same shows that everyone else either already owns, already has seen a million times since they returned, it’s not going to do anyone any good.

    Toonami’s aim was to take a genre of animation that was not mainstream and give it some recognition in a manner that was new and cutting edge. If it’s the same old rehashed content, and same reruns of shows that have since BECOME the mainstream, the mundane and the widely known and available, it dosn’t have any any reason to exist.

    Toonami was about introducing the unknown in a new, fresh way, but if it’s not new and just pandering to nostalgic reruns, than it, as a programming block of animated shows, can’t fulfill it’s own stated mission. Toonami can only thrive if it’s new and fresh. It can’t thrive or succeed if it’s stale, old, and rerunning the same old shows like some anime version of Nick At Nite, with shows that can be found in unedited releases, literally everywhere.

    I can’t be the only person who sees Toonami, a block about being the new, hip, fresh, counter-culture kid on the street surviving on reruns at least a bit hypocritical and doomed to failure.

    Honestly, I don’t have high hopes for this at all. Toonami was important once. But the industry has drifted away from the concept being feasible anymore, especially the way it’s coming back with nothing new added to it. I think people are going to learn the meaning of the phrase “Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it.”

  • StereoPony

    @Ponies Awesome: Toonami was NEVER soley an anime block, hell it started out playing old action cartoons, and thats what it was a block dedicated to ACTION, it just so happened a lot of the action series they showed were anime. But they had domestic toons as well, all the DCAU/Animated stuff like Batman:TAS, Beyond, Superman, JLU, Teen Titans, and reruns of the old Thundercats, Samurai Jack, Megas XLR, X-men Evolution, etc.

    So yeah while I can agree the industry has changed since Toonami was last on, there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with bringing it back, CN also brought Cartoon Planet back to air the 90’s 00’s Cartoon Cartoons, so bringing Toonami back to air action & anime on Saturday nights fits with their MO to balance out new content with Nostalgia to do their best to attempt to please multiple demographics. And hell at least CN/AS are trying to do what their fans/viewers want, unlike so many other networks which we have all grown up watching that have basically said whelp screw the 80’s & 90’s kids you don’t matter any more were gonna go after your siblings & children now instead.

    But yeah is A Toonami Revival nessecarry, no, but its sure as hack far from a bad thing. And personally gives me a reason to watch more then just Bleach on Saturday nights again, lol.

  • Its going to be hard to say what exactly will happen, I understand what Poniesisawesome is saying, its a different time, a different playing field. We don’t even have a schedule of what they are playing, it could easily be “TOONAMI” and then they’ll play the same anime Adult Swim has been playing on Saturdays, just with Toonami bumpers. I don’t think this time its going to be about cutting edge or paving the way for the mainstream, its going to be about nostalgia for us old fuckers who miss it.

    I think it’ll just be a new name for Adult Swim’s anime block, which is nothing wrong considering Adult Swim was made by the same people. Maybe they’ll get some new shows, or maybe they’ll play some old, but i can say they will probably still play some of the anime they have been playing during Saturday. Bleach is currently playing ‘new’ episodes so they sure as hell won’t stop playing that. Hopefully they’ll at least finish off Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, its already played through once. Cowboy Bebop is a staple to me, no matter how many times they play it, I enjoy it. I would love to see Outlaw Star again (though the uncut DVDs are better even if its just a few missing things and well, an entire episode that explains so much).

    Nostalgia is definitely a major factor here, and either it’ll be a good run, or it’ll fizzle out and die. I wasn’t watching Toonami when it got cancelled so I can’t comment on what they were playing at the time. It was probably cancelled in part due to Adult Swim, who is ran by Keith Crawford and Mike Lazzlo (who ran Toonami, and made Space Ghost C2C).

    In the end, time can only tell.

  • I’m really glad Toonami is back on air on our television screens, because there is no good going on television these days with these reality tv, live action, and boring cartoons bullcrap going on. Now I can watch more anime that I haven’t get the chance to watch it. Also I hope Toonami will get their ratings up, earn money, and adding classic and new anime on their lineup in the future.